Australian higher education trends for Indian students studying abroad

The United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are the top four global destinations for Indian students, according to the most recent UNESCO mobility data (2021). Except for Canada, where the number of Indian students has now surpassed that of Chinese students, Indian students make up the second largest cohort, behind Chinese students.

Australian Higher Education In demand

The fundamentals suggest that India’s outbound study will grow even more. At present 13% of India’s long term olds get a college degree. This is only half of China’s rate, which is 26%. However, when you take into account the lack of higher education institutions in India, China’s aging population, and India’s future economic growth, it is likely that India will overtake China in the medium to long term with the most students studying abroad.

There are numerous opportunities for Indian students to acquire a high-quality international qualification and transformative experience. The cultural diversity and societal benefits that international students bring are recognized by a number of host nations. Scholarships, work rights, and potential migration routes are just a few of the many benefits that governments are bending over backwards to provide to international students.

Nature of schooling, an incentive for cash and admittance to post concentrate on work privileges keep on being the vital drivers of Indian understudy decision. Australia is still a popular and rapidly expanding destination that is seen to offer a high value proposition: a world-class education system with top universities, a welcoming, safe, and multicultural society, beautiful weather, part-time work opportunities while studying, high salaries, economic opportunity, and favorable work visas after graduation

The data speaks for itself. Around 5000 Indian students chose to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Australia each year in 2011. By 2019 the number was more than 40,000; Moreover, since the borders of Australia reopened late last year, the numbers have continued to significantly rebound.

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