Auuro Educational Services: Pioneering Services that Empower Schools, Teachers, and Organizations to Reach the Zenith of their Endeavors

The pace of development is mandating that we produce a faster, smarter, and better grade human being. And to do so, we need service providers like Auuro Educational Services, which is one of India’s pioneers in the field of educational consulting. The firm was set up with clear-set and well-defined objective-to work with individuals and institutions that aspire to offer a futuristic education in their K-12 initiatives.

Auuro Educational Services is one of the first companies in Southern India to foray into niche services such as school-set up consultancy and M&A’s of educational institutions. Over the past decade, the firm has branched into diverse service areas but has kept its roots in the K-12 educational domain. Currently, the firm is associated with over 300 schools across India, the Middle-East, Zambia, and the UK. Auuro Educational Services has grown into one of the most trusted brands amongst educationalists in the K-12 sector, largely because the company understands that education is a nation-building journey.

A Path-Breaking & Visionary Leader

The firm is under the stewardship of the Founder and CEO, Dr. K. R. Maalathi. Commencing her career as a teacher, she recognized that the school would be the best place to make transcendental changes for the good of society. Consequently, she set up 14 International Schools, 20 CBSE schools, and 2 schools for children with special needs across India, Qatar, and Zambia. In the span of her working decade, she has personally instructed in these institutions and has collaborated with over 4000 teachers and school leaders.

Dr. K. R. Maalathi’s sole intention with the establishment of the firm was to build 21st-century schools that catered to the changing needs of today’s scholars. She foresaw the changing expectations of parents, the changing role of teachers in the classrooms, and the need for transformational school leaders. Hence, she set up an exclusive service to address this equilateral triangle. “There was a growing need for the services of an external consulting firm that would enable not just the launch of the school but also ensure it is managed and continues to deliver high-quality education to children and meets parents’ expectations”.

Alongside, she also crafted a curriculum called ‘Happy Tots’, which offers a rich early year’s curriculum to children across the globe irrespective of the socio-economic status. Today, the curriculum has reached to over 2 lakh children.

The Robust Services

Auuro’s services can be summed up in 3C’s- Consulting, Curriculum, and Coaching.


Services are offered in the areas of school-set up, school management, and also buying/Selling of existing schools.


‘Happy Tots’-one of India’s futuristic early years learning program is a brainchild of Dr. Maalathi. Currently over 200 schools in India and Qatar have espoused the Happy Tots curriculum and transformed their kindergarten sections. Auuro Edu also has a publishing wing that develops and designs progressive academic books for pre-primary & primary.


Coaching includes training and professional development services offered for teachers and school leaders. Auuro Edu believes transforming professional learning, increases the educator’s ability, and thereby improves student achievement. The organization designs a learning plan and enables teacher training to happen not only through workshops but in other indirect ways that have an everyday impact. In this regard, an Educators Exchange Program was recently launched to enable Indian teachers to get global exposure in the UK and Europe.

A Dynamic and Diverse Team

Auuro Edu’s service offerings extend from consulting to curriculum and coaching based on the ever-dynamic needs of the clients. Around 80% of the services are customized to meet each clients’ unique needs. With its vast experience, the firm can set up both schools, which are commercially as well as academically successful. Aurro understands that each client is unique, therefore, it offers them specialty services through its dedicated team. In the CEO’s words, “no significant growth can happen without significant relationship’ hence the relationship that we have built with our clients over the years is certainly our USP”.

Contribution to the sector

Auuro Edu is playing a vital role in the school education sector through its unique solutions. The firm has built exceptional schools over the years by integrating world teacher training, contemporary pedagogy, new age technology, and by instilling children-centered learning. This contribution to the growth and development of schools and learning and children in rural India has been tremendous and well appreciated by its clients and other stalwarts in the industry too.

For its contribution to the educational sector, the firm has been bestowed with:

  • Leading Educational Service providing Company in India by BERG, Singapore at Icons of the learning summit, Singapore 2017
  • Modern Architect of New Age Schools by Education Today Magazine 2015
  • Maalathi, being invited to the British parliament on behalf of UKTNCC to deliver a keynote on perspectives of educational collaboration at the school level between India and UK 2017

Talking about the future and their role in it, the CEO states, “We need new age schools in India, which offer futuristic and holistic education keeping the challenges of the 21st century in mind with an excellent set of teachers and dynamic leaders and this can be done only by us”.

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