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Dental Training Institute

Bay Dental Training Institute is known to provide coaching and guidance to dentists aspiring to secure a license for practicing in the UK. Located in Mumbai, the institute is the only one of its kind outside UK to provide full time training.

Mission, Vision, Core Values, Motto

Our Mission it to help students with guidance and training in India to pass the UK Dental License exam.

Previously there was nobody providing this service in India and students used to spend lots of money and travel to UK for training and also take unnecessary career risks. We are providing all the training, infrastructure, expertise and support to pass this exam from India at affordable costs.

Man Behind the Mission

The institute was founded by Dr. Shravan Chawla. Having passed the UK Dental License Exam himself and realizing there is no support and guidance within India for students to pass this exam, he decided to set up a state-of-the-art center dedicated to help and guide students to pass this exam.

Courses, Accreditations, Specializations offered

Our most popular and subscribed course is the UK Dental License exam training for Part 1 and Part 2, following which we help the students secure a placement in the UK with visa sponsorship.

Besides these we offer courses such as Rubber Dam, Dental Photography, Composite, Crown and Veneer Preparation Courses. We also offer one on one courses where we train the students individually to get a more thorough training.

Additional training

We help students with mentorship and apprenticeship positions in our practice where we let them come and observe us work.

Career options

We have had tremendous success with the UK Dental License program with so far all our students passing their Part 1 and 2 in their first attempt after our training and going on to secure placements in practices in the UK. We now have over 50 dentists with us who we are training and guiding for taking the UK Dental License part 1 in 2021. Once they pass the exam they are eligible to practice and work as a dentist in the UK.

Training dentists during pandemic

During the pandemic we have adapted and moved our entire Application + Orientation and the ORE Part 1 Program completely online through our training platform that students can access from anywhere in the world and study and crack the UK Dental License Part 1 anywhere from the world.

Major achievements

Over 10 students passing the UK dental license exam after training through our institute in 2019- 2020 that have already been placed and working at prestigious dental practices in the UK- Britain, Scotland and Wales/Northern Ireland. We were also the first clinical simulation center in India to host world class clinicians Dr. Griya and Dr. Rizal for a Composite Course at our institute.

Future plans

We plan to offer clinical oriented courses such as Rubber Dam clinical hands on, on clinical simulation manikins, and dental photography and social media marketing and video content and storytelling courses to help students and dentists market themselves and their practice through documentation and presentation of their work.

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 About the Institute

Bay Dental Training Institute was set up in 2018 as a state-of-the-art clinical simulation manikin center to provide training and practice to Indian dentists purely to crack and pass the overseas dental licensing exam in the UK. We are the only clinical simulation center outside the UK providing full time training, guidance and placements to dentists looking to take the UK dental license exam and migrate to the UK with support right from application to passing exams and placements.

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