Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research: Instilling Industry-Oriented Skills in Future Leaders
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research
Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute

“It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have and how you’re led.”

  • Steve Jobs

The intricate concept of ‘Management’ has been very well put into words by Steve Jobs. The management field has continued to value its sheer relevance even though several job functions and positions are being offered periodically in this devastatingly innovative era.

With the fact that an organisation’s management system can lead the organisation to great success; no matter how drastically a company’s functionality, performance, or service varies, the management system must remain in place to keep all the business components together.

For instance, the brain is the most significant part of the human body based on which the whole body responds, reacts, and functions; similarly, the organisation responds, reacts, and functions based on management.

The business paradigm, trends, and operating systems have been significantly changed in the 21st century. To perform effectively and efficiently, an organisation’s management must be aware of the market’s ongoing trends, mechanisms and ideologies.

Branded companies seek innovative, courageous, and intellectual talents to boost their brand value and can contribute in multidimensional ways to enhance their businesses. The standards of management jobs have been increasing, which ensures that education in the management domain will help students to overcome cut-throat competition and constantly emerging challenges.

The managers are groomed with an impressive attitude which is the treasure of their wisdom, skills, and talent which they get during their academic training. Similarly, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research (BVIMSR) focuses on its tradition, i.e., producing world-class leaders. The institute provides programmes which equip the students with the abilities to handle practical business case studies, which helps them to perform outstandingly in the corporate world.

In the quest for ‘The Most Admired MBA and PGDM colleges of the Year 2022,’ we crossed the path of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research’s Director, Dr Anjali Kalse, and she shared the institute’s inspiring journey since its inception and the future pedagogical vision of the institute.

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The Genesis Story of an Inspiring Institute

In 1984 the BVIMSR was founded in Navi Mumbai, and since then, the institute has been following the tradition of ‘Producing World-class Leaders.’ The institute has retained its tradition because it has adopted various programmes that suit the existing business conditions.

The institute offers a two-year MMS (Master’s in Management Studies) programme affiliated with the University of Mumbai. The programmes equip the students to handle business situations and perform outstandingly in the corporate world by imparting the requisite skillsets and international certification from renowned universities of the world, which add immense value to their career growth.

One would not suspect that this tranquil campus, spread across four acres and nestled among lovely hills, is close to the industrial belt, which supports millions of jobs and makes a significant economic contribution to the state and the country. The classrooms at BVIMSR are made to promote the learning and exploration of the students. A campus with Wi-Fi access guarantees that all students remain in touch with the outside world, their studies, their faculty, and one another. The air conditioning in every classroom guarantees maximum productivity during the long day.

The BVIMSR has a library with a variety of literature, and has invested in some of the most excellent IT infrastructures, including cutting-edge servers and a campus with Wi-Fi capabilities and its audio-visual tools, including LCD projectors, audio systems, acoustically constructed classrooms, and the excellent conference and meeting spaces has been equipped with the best technology. The hostel at BVIMSR provides all the conveniences of home for the students.

Dr Anjali Kalse – The Torchbearer of BVIMSR

Dr Anjali is the director of BVIMSR, Navi Mumbai; she has been holding 22 years of experience as a soft-skill and other management topics trainer. Being an educationist and trainer, she has received many awards and recognition, including The Indian Achievers Award for Educational Excellence by the Indian Economic Development, I2OR 2019 Educators and Research Association by UWAN. Recently she has received National Happinness unicorn award by AICTE  & YOL on 22nd August 2022.

She has conducted training programmes in various organisations, including Pepsico Holding India Ltd, Reserve Bank of India, Cotton Corporation of India, and many others. Besides that, she has also done Basic Practitioner Certification of Neurolinguistic Programming, National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming USA.

Besides her certification, Dr Anjali completed her BSc, MIRPM, and PhD from Nagpur University in 1998. She is also a PhD guide at Mumbai University, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s University, Rajasthan University, and ITM University. Moreover, she has presented her research papers at the National/ International level.

Dr Anjali has reviewed many books and authored HRM’s book; she has also contributed to many renowned journals. Besides this, she is also a member of the Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming, BMA (Bombay Management Association), NHRD (National Human Resource) Network and ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development).

A Statement Describes the Values, Vision, Mission and Motto of the Institute

When we asked Dr Anjali about the vision of the institute, she states, “Social Transformation through Dynamic Education.” Sliding down its mission, she continues,

  • “To foster excellence in teaching and research to enable the students to apply management knowledge to transform business and society.
  • To equip students with analytical, entrepreneurial and professional skills to perform in a global team environment.
  • To develop faculty and students by encouraging participation in research, consultancy, faculty development programmes and multidisciplinary projects to develop professional competencies to lead in a global environment.
  • To develop the competency to understand, analyse and connect commercial, legal, social and ethical aspects of the business.”

Further asserting the institute’s core values, Dr Anjali says, “The BVIMSR faculty and staff promote its students’ intellectual, professional, social, and personal development through innovations in learning, scholarship, and creative endeavours. Students, faculty, and staff partner to create strong engagement with the local, national, and global communities. The BVIMSR dedicates itself to academic vitality, integrity, and diversity.”

To be at the pinnacle of Management Education,” notes Dr Anjali.

Blended Learning Approach

BVIMSR prides itself on being a student-centric institute. Students are entrusted with resources and responsibilities; they are encouraged to take important administrative and policy decisions that sculpt their future and the institute. This facilitates their all-round development, over and above academic performance.

BVIMSR has developed unique learning initiatives, which is the hallmark of the institute. These initiatives are the outcome of three decades of experience in the field of management education. They have been developed with the help of faculty, who are in touch with the industry’s current needs and ensure the active participation of the students. The unique, hands-on approach of the BVIMSR MBA Programme to learning accommodates the demand of the current economy.

While stating about the institute’s unique learning approach, Dr Anjali postulates, “The Institute’s multi prolonged approach in its placement, academic, course structure, alumni database and pedagogy always create a remarkable difference in the graduates. Innovative blended learning approach through online teaching and assessment tools during the coronavirus situation. We ensure the continuity of the learning of our students.”

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The institute stays connected with its alumni and various senior industry professionals; it helps the institute know the industry’s ongoing trends. It also engages the students with entrepreneurs, which allows them to understand the experiences of the entrepreneurs.

Interacting with industrialists and entrepreneurs, the students get a chance to present their ideas and business plans, which are discussed, and reviewed in detail. The student’s business plans have been discussed on various parameters and feasibility.

Other than that, the students also get an opportunity to present their business ideas to bankers, venture capitalists, and prospective investors. And all the records have been maintained at the institute level, as the Institution Innovation Council was initiated in 2020 under the Ministry of HRD. Govt. of India.

Under the innovation cell, various activities and career guidance sessions have been arranged in the institute to enhance the career growth of the students. Currently, the institute is conducting joint activities in collaboration with Indian Merchant Chambers.

The institute also encourages faculty members to seek exchange opportunities with international B-schools to understand global pedagogical standards.

Institute’s Job is to Help Students Prepare themselves for Anything!

With the help of project-based learning activities like capstone projects and summer internships, the students of BVIMSR learn how to work independently, explore crucial topics, and find solutions.

MMS is an extensive program where students are introduced to the corporate world from their first year in the form of Guest lectures. In the second year, they have a full-fledged subject which includes soft skills, communication and other crucial concepts of the corporate world for the student’s growth. The institute organises various sessions on Employability Skills, Group Discussions and Mock Interviews that are taken every week to enhance the employability of the students

The institute invites eminent speakers from the corporate world with specialised knowledge to deliver a lecture. Alumni are invited frequently to interact with the students.

The placement cell provides grooming personality training to the young graduates, which helps the students to enhance the skills in which they lack. The students are trained according to the corporate requirement along with modern stress management techniques, public speaking, corporate communication, business etiquette, negotiation skills and effective communication.

Great Achievements are not Possible without Sacrifices!

When we asked Dr Anjali about the achievements and awards received by the institute so far, responding the same, she asserts,

  • “BVIMSR is NBA accredited Academic Years 2022-23 to 2024-25.
  • Awarded among Top B-School of Eminence in India 2022 by CSR.
  • Received National Happiness Unicorn Awards on 21st Aug 2022 by YOL.
  • Institute Received Research Grants from various government bodies viz., ICSSR, ICCSR-IMPRESS, University of Mumbai, etc.
  • Institute Received I2OR award for the BVIMSR Journal of Mangement Research.”

Speculating the Future

While giving her valuable advice, Dr Anjali concludes, “To deliver a ready product to the industry in the form of well-developed, nurtured corporate Executives to cater for the needs of the industry in the best possible way.”

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