Billimoria High School: A Legacy that inspires!

Education! a magic recipe that sprinkles knowledge, inculcates social discipline, and invigorates children with wisdom, has always been in the global spotlight. Understanding the significance of education in social development, Billimoria High School has sprouted the seeds of intellectual development while ushering in an era of child-centric education trend.

Spearheading this revolution is Ms. Aditi Goradia. As the Managing Director of the School, she leaves no stone unturned to revamp the 113 years of school legacy and is the guiding light of the global education world.

Scouting the globe to know the efficient schools that made a mark in the education space, we crossed paths with Ms. Aditi and learned more about the inspiring story of the school.

Let’s dive into Billimoria’s inspiring story!

History and the Present

The Billimoria school, Owned and managed by the Goradia Family, was historically founded in 1908 by the Late Mr. Nowroji Billimoria. Sitting atop the Sahayadri Hills in the peaceful town of Panchgani, this century-old heritage institute is the proud alma mater of many successful alumni. From Governors to writers, Corporate CEO’s to DJs; from actors to Army Personnel, BHS has raised a diverse group of world citizens for the past 113 years!

While enlightening us about the school’s innate methodology, Ms. Goradia asserts, “Our school’s pedagogy is simple: keep things child-centric. For us, it is essential to value every individual who learns with us. To encourage their individuality and independent thoughts. To raise healthy, confident global citizens.” The school acknowledges the changing dynamics of education the world over, and is aware that children aspire to careers with their outright passion. The management believes that it is no more about the doctor-engineer-lawyer triad but beyond imagination and that the youth of today can make a successful career in any field. They can carve a niche for themselves doing what they love.

BHS strives for the children to realise their potential by providing a wholesome environment that facilitates all-round growth. The carefully curated curriculum is about much more than just academics. Learning at BHS includes a progressive Life Enrichment Program, which gives children a chance to explore a variety of activities in creative arts, specialised sports, information technology, and other life skills. According to Ms. Goradia, this active approach encourages self-expression, which is ably supported by a passionate and proficient team coming together.

A Leader that Binds the Past and Weaves the Future

With intentions to overhaul the monotony in the education system and revamping the legacy of the Billimoria High School, Ms. Aditi Goradia graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Anthropology and Asian Studies along with a certification from the UTeach program at the College of Education (UT Austin). An Alumna of Billimoria High School herself, she has been a youth athlete specialising in track & field and basketball.

While revisiting her intentions and methodology for advancement in education, she asserts, “Schools across the globe must center themselves around the needs of the children, share ideas, and grow collectively.” As she began her journey as a leader of the esteemed Billimoria High School, the school has stepped into the new, progressive age of experiential learning. She believes that learning is constant and universal, and it must always be a joyful process. She encourages collaboration, respect, and openness among the team and students at Billimoria High School.

Ms. Aditi Goradia’s ceaseless, constant efforts and contribution to the education space have been acknowledged the world over. Below are some awards and accolades that she has received:

  • Most Promising Influential Leader of 2019 -Silicon India Magazine
  • Top Women Entrepreneurship Award in Education – World Education Summit 2019.
  • Education Evangelist of India – Great Place to Study (Forbes India)
  • Outstanding School Education Leader (Top 20 Women Educators Award) – ASMA Academia

She has also been a Panel Speaker at various Educational Conferences, including India Didac, World Education Summit, School Leadership Summit, APAC, and the Brainfeed Education Summit.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure at Billimoria

Billimoria High School sets a benchmark for residential schools in the country. With its 17-acre heritage campus, the British Era black stone Academic Buildings, the campus boasts sports fields and multiple co-curricular facilities.

Living Spaces: The airy dormitories provide the students with a sacred space where dorm mates become siblings. Together, triumphs are celebrated, and jokes are shared. Under the supervision of loving dorm parents, it is a home away from home. Here, the children gain the life skills to become responsible, caring young men and women. And it is here that they make friends for life.

Audio-Visual Labs– The school supports alternative learning resources and believes in imparting holistic learning. Teachers personally create/curate digital lessons to enhance the learning experience of the children.

Laboratories– Apart from advanced Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Math labs, the school’s computer lab is equipped with the latest systems, highly protected with firewalls, uninterrupted wi-fi connectivity, and powerful multimedia devices.

Library– One of the most expansive in the region, the school Library is a sanctuary of wisdom. It is spacious and airy – a place where children learn to love and respect the significance of words on paper.

Sports and Fitness– At BHS, sport is an integral part of the curriculum. The school has ample space, multiple grounds, and excellent sports infrastructure. Students are given exposure to a variety of sports before being encouraged to pursue the specific sports of their choice.

Performing and Creative Arts– The school believes that art provides the perfect avenue for self-expression. Art inculcates confidence and self-love. With this in mind, the school has incorporated an extensive Performing and Creative Arts program that stays in effect throughout the year.

Character and Intent of Billimoria High School

While speaking about the school’s Character and Intent in extending its capabilities to ensure quality education through the years, Ms. Aditi explains, “Every child is different. Every child is unique.

Billimoria extends support to every child to help them realise their potential by providing a wholesome environment that facilitates all-around growth. The carefully curated curriculum hones learning in a progressive curriculum, which gives children a chance to explore concepts with the help of various activities such as creative arts, specialised sports, information technology, and other life skills. The school provides a nurturing space to encourage self-expression supported by a passionate and proficient student-centric team.

Advanced Learning Modules

Billimoria High School recognises and enacts significant skills such as independence, self-confidence, compassion, and empathy. The management quotes, “Being a residential school, Billimoria High School offers experiences of life that are beyond academics lessons.” The school prioritises preparing students for the world while simultaneously discovering their individual strengths and abilities. The school’s Life Enrichment Program is one such initiative that plays a crucial role in helping students tap into their special interests and unique skill sets.

The school strives to create healthy future leaders by imparting strong values of ethics, courage, compassion, and proactivity. While speaking about leadership, Ms. Aditi says, “Successful leadership is the result of positive intent combined with hard work, openness, and collaboration. A position of leadership provides authority. A good leader will ensure that the responsibility and liability of the position are prioritised above recognition and power.”

The Billimoria High School has a comprehensive Leadership program wherein they consolidate the spirit of true leadership.

  • The School Leadership Forum of Captains & Prefects
  • The Debating Society
  • The School Magazine and Journalism Club
  • The Interact Society (A Student Panel of Rotary International)
  • The Culture & Communications Team

The school has been affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi, for the last three decades, and the team firmly believes in the Integrated Learning Outcome Based Curriculum, which is encouraged by the Board and NEP 2020

Little Things, Big Difference

Billimoria High School provides a well-developed nutrition plan that ensures optimum physical growth with a perfect blend of nutrition and flavour.

Ms. Aditi believes that food experience directly correlates to learning, for the brain and the body needs positive sustenance to function well. She says, “Let mealtimes be positive experiences because food tastes better when it is shared with family. Our children experience family as they share the table with their teachers.”

Furthermore, when a student is injured or feels unwell, the Infirmary is where they go for some rest and recuperation. The school has a 24-hour on-call Doctor who visits daily and resident nurses who care for the little ones just as a mother would. In case of major injuries or emergencies, nearby medical facilities and specialists are available whenever required.

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