BYJU’s introduces Two-teacher Advantage, partners up with dotin Inc.
BYJU | dotin

BYJU’S has announced a relationship with dotin Inc. – a SaaS startup, that optimises new and existing personnel recruitment and retention. BYJU’S will use dotin’s employee assessment technology and expertise to find the best candidates who match BYJU’S critical attribute requirements.

The proprietary AI-based system captures essential candidate motives and gives insights, enabling for a more efficient deployment procedure. Individuals’ technical capabilities, personality attributes, culture compatibility, workplace values, and learning styles are objectively evaluated using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing by dotin.

This will assist BYJU’S in identifying the suitable team members for various roles that correspond with the company’s fundamental values or attributes.

BYJU’S has also introduced a ‘Two-Teacher Advantage’ for BYJU’S Classes, an after-school online tutoring programme, which will assist deliver superior learning experiences and quality instruction at scale, resulting in improved learning results.

Students will be taught by one professional teacher who will use great visuals and narrative to explain topics in depth and ensure conceptual clarity, while a second teacher will answer immediate questions, provide personalised attention, and make the sessions interactive and entertaining. Students benefit from having access to high-quality professors as well as personalised attention.

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