Campus Abroad Mauritius: Endowing Opportunities for a Glorious International Education and Career 
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If we ask many industry professionals, ‘how they came to be where they are today?’ most of them will say that they walked down the path of diminishing salaries and stopped where they felt that this is the least they need to earn.

But, what most of them neglect to say is how as a young adult they constantly struggled with the choice of career. This calls to mind Confucius’ words, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work another day in the life.”

However, choosing a career that one loves is not an easy decision to make considering how the world is getting competitive every day, and aspirations of having cross-disciplinary knowledge are rising. The point to be noted here is that choosing a career directly influences a student’s preference of subject matter.

Young learners today have an amazing opportunity as technology has opened doors to the world and has brought a plethora of opportunities to learn in a competitive global economy at the touch of a button. The world today is looked at differently and the global milieu has opened several potential educational gateways, not only in terms of choices of subjects but also in terms of destinations.

However, to decide one’s preferred subject and most important choosing a college that helps them bring out their true potential requires access to extensive information, streamlined processes, and thorough knowledge about all the global educational institutions.

This calls for the need for a well-aware and experienced network of education aligned service providers and consultants. These consultants devotedly provide conclusive counseling, support to young learners, and help them make a career choice or pick a subject that taps the greatest potential within them. Campus Abroad Mauritius Ltd is one such education consultant. The philosophy, ‘Children matter but, their goals, dreams, and future matter more’ is central to this agency.

Gateway to a World of Opportunities

Campus Abroad Mauritius has created an environment that shapes global citizens considering every country or education institution equally important. It suggests a list of opportunities for the best available education institutions worldwide in its counseling sessions and provides a platform for the aspirants to sit with their experienced counselors.

Established in 2001 by Mr. Seshadri Jayasankar and Mrs. Rajeshwari Jayasankar, Campus Abroad Mauritius acts as a facilitator that enables Mauritian students to pursue overseas education. The company was started as an agency that represented only three to four British Universities. From those humble beginnings, the organization has today grown to a stage where it represents over a hundred institutions worldwide.

It is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Government of Mauritius and is also a member of various educational bodies like ICEF and QISAN. Campus Abroad is registered with UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service). Students wishing to pursue higher education in the UK can apply to UCAS online from the Campus Abroad’s office in Rose-Hill.

In addition to the UK, Campus Abroad works with numerous institutions in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, India, China, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, and more. Campus Abroad is an Education New Zealand recognized agency. Most of the staff at Campus Abroad have undergone PIER certification or British Council training. The consultancy wing of Campus Abroad Mauritius also helps overseas educational institutions to set up bases in Mauritius by conducting market surveys, liaising with governmental authorities, and preparing detailed business plans. This division has helped several leading Indian institutions set up operations in Mauritius.

Check-listing Easy Study Abroad Process

At present, this education consultant stands in a position to connect students with the preferred course in the right institution in the right country. It provides the following services to the students, parents, and educational institutions:
• Easy Application and Admission processing
• Unbiased university and destination counseling
• Managing Offer acceptance process
• Decisive visa counseling and support
• Accommodation support and other student essentials support
• Immigration Services through its contracted agents.

We can thus say that Campus Abroad Mauritius follows a calculated and tailored approach based on the experiences and knowledge on the matter to aid its customers. It focuses on ensuring that all its customers experience a seamless overseas boarding and have an at home accommodation facility. Most Universities do offer on-campus accommodation for international students and Campus Abroad Mauritius gives students a virtual tour of the respective accommodations and guides them to choose wisely.

Being student-centric counselors, this consultancy is not obliged to focus on any particular university. Representing universities from all over the world, offering more a plethora of courses worldwide, Campus Abroad remains loyal to its principle of keeping students’ interest foremost.
As a result, Campus Abroad has managed to develop a network of universities, banks, travel agencies, immigration agencies, students, and even alumni due to which this firm enables students to connect with individuals at the University who will assist students like; finding accommodation off-campus, airport pick-ups and transfers, opening bank accounts etc.. Additionally, it also helps students in connecting with other students who are currently studying at the University. Campus Abroad’s connection with banks allows students to apply for education loan and avail scholarships.

Managing Crisis and Adapting

We have already established how through in-depth engagement with students and parents, the counselors at Campus Abroad understand and formulate a customized plan for them. However, times are changing, and looking at the present pandemic outbreak, the number of students preferring to study abroad might reduce in numbers and Campus Abroad is preparing itself for such a situation. “Even as agents, we need to be prepared for a reduction in the number of students walking into the office for information,” says Mr. Jayasankar.

He further adds online communication is going to be the norm going forward and thus Campus Abroad has redesigned its website and is in the process of developing a mobile app. It is also extremely active on social media and is geared for talking to students on several online platforms. “Education fairs are also likely to go fully virtual,” he commented.

Thus, we can say that Campus abroad will in future focus more on the use of technology. “We are investing heavily in technology as post COVID, we are convinced that this is the way forward. We are planning to expand into the African mainland as we firmly believe that Africa is the continent of the future. We are also getting into executive training both face to face and through the online mode,” concluded Mr. Jayasankar.

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