Canada and UK overtake US in Study Abroad Popularity
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A recent study which comprised of a number of surveys conducted by ‘’, has found Canada and UK have become the world’s two most popular study abroad destination countries, overtaking US.

The study showed that USA has dropped from first to third place in just two years, to become the top international study abroad spot.

Interestingly enough, the report found that this dynamic was not due to any particularly significant rise in the UK’s or Canada’s own levels of prospective student interest. But instead, the gain in Canada and the UK’s popularity can be attributed to the sheer extent of decrease in popularity which the USA higher education institutions have witnessed over the last two years.

Out of the prospective students responding to the survey in 2018, 21.6% selected the US as their top choice for study abroad. In 2019, this dropped to 20.8% and in January 2020, it declined to a mere 14.4%. The latest survey in October 2020 revealed that the figure stands at just 10.7%.

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