Canadian Educational System- Marching Towards a Bright Future
Dr . Neil Webber|Canadian Educational System
Dr . Neil Webber

I am generally optimistic about the future of Canada’s educational system. Since education falls in the jurisdiction of provinces, the future will more accurately depend upon how each of the provinces responds to the changing needs. Certainly, the development of literacy and mathematical skills of students remain on key elements of any educational system. The core subjects such as mathematics, science, and social studies will continue to have student achievement levels measured by international agencies. The results will continue to be used by different educational jurisdictions to determine whether programs should be modified given the technological advances occurring in an ongoing way. Educational leaders will have to introduce new concepts and courses to better prepare students for their future occupations. Computer programming, computer applications, coding, robotics, artificial intelligence concepts will become more and more important in the educational programs across Canada.

In addition to the academic programs, there will be increasing emphasis on the development of social, teamwork, and communication skills for the students. Public speaking, debating, model United Nation clubs are several examples of extra-curricular activities that enhance the development of these skills.

In-class learning will continue to be of utmost importance in the learning process. COVID 19 Health restrictions had the move to online learning for school jurisdictions. This resulted in the deterioration of the development of social and teamwork skills. The return to in-class learning shows the advantages in terms of the positive mental health of the students.

As stated initially, I am generally optimistic about our educational systems properly preparing our students for the future. My main concern is that governments may influence the education system by over politicizing the current social issues of the day.

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Dr. Neil Webber, President and Chairman of Webber Academy Foundation, founded the school in 1996. He has spent most of his career in public service; first as a teacher in the Calgary Public and Catholic School Boards, then as an elected representative in the Alberta Government. He was Chairman of Telus Corporation, and director of several companies including SNC – Lavalin Group.

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