Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management: Pioneering Initiatives to Nurture Hotel Management Professionals
Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management
Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management

Today, the hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. Although it had already been growing rapidly before the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now anticipated to grow exponentially as a new cycle of development is on the horizon for the country. Over the years, the hospitality industry has grown to include a variety of areas and industries, including banking, high-end, healthcare, consulting, retail, and aviation. Many students are eager to pursue careers in hospitality and related industries, given its predicted development.

The sector only expands and creates more prospects for aspiring young people and working professionals with each new technological and intellectual development. Many variables, including globalization, localization, rising incomes, digitization, cutting-edge technology, and easy access to information, have contributed to the shift in the hospitality industry.

Considering this huge demand, the hospitality education sector has the challenge of creating skilled professionals to match the high demands of the industry. Innovative curriculum, practical learning, and opportunities for global exposure provided by some of these prime universities have been game changers for the industry.

Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management (CIHM) is one of those institutes. It is a leading hotel management institute attracting the new generation to fulfill their dreams and provide them with an established career in the future. It also provides prospective and promising enthusiasts with various exciting, interesting, and different career options. The institute’s students love the learning atmosphere with state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with knowledge-rich faculties and foreign visits.

A Platform to Fulfill Dreams

The Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management began operations in 2005 in Kolkata and Midnapore. The objective was to provide an opportunity to every aspirant who desired a successful career, those who desired a secure profession, and a significant number of people who could not afford to study hotel management.

Today, the Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management is a proud institute that has achieved the goals that it set for itself. It has set a high benchmark for itself by nurturing and grooming students to become the best professionals.

The institute’s team of highly skilled and experienced faculty members transfers knowledge to students through theoretical and practical classes. Throughout the year, various educational, sporting, and entertainment activities are scheduled in the school to provide an optimal learning environment.

Education With No Barriers

The Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management is located in Barrackpore, Kolkata, surrounded by a mesmerizing luxuriant green environment, parks, health care, amusements, and other amenities. The area is well connected to the rest of the city and suburbs.

Fulfillment of student’s dream is the institute’s main motive. There are many students in the country who want to have their dreams fulfilled and want to achieve their goals and make their parents proud but they often lack the resources to fuel their dreams. That’s why CIHM provides such students with the lowest fee structure to continue their learning.

Setting High Educational Standards

The vision of the institute is:

  • To be a world-class business school, achieving educational standards where knowledge and excellence shall be relentlessly pursued.
  • To be a management institute of excellence, committed to nurturing responsible entrepreneurs and business leaders who have concern for society and the environment.

The mission of the institute are:

  • Imparting Quality Well as skills for technical education as solving real-life problems.
  • Inculcating a Global Perspective and creating leadership qualities with a futuristic vision.
  • Instilling the importance of ethics, morality, and healthy practices in professional life.
  • Encouraging and establishing interaction utility with supporting creative abilities. And promoting close with industries and other sectors and keeping state-of-the-art technologies.

The Core values of the institute are:

  • Uncompromising integrity and honesty along with a passion for excellence.
  • Commitment to students to foster creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Pioneering Initiatives

Working towards its goals and objectives, the institute faced challenges that any educational institute does while striving for excellence. But CIHM overcame them by leveraging innovative solutions and practices. The institute organized some students campaign to make students aware of classes X and XI about management education. CIHM immediately got a positive response as the students joined the management stream.

With the need for world-class hotel management education, the Central Institute of Hotel and Hospitality Management (CIHM) has emerged as one of the most promising hotel school chains in India. It is also tied up with a British University, allowing students a BSc. (Hons) in International Hospitality Management.

Souharda Chowdhury, Founder Chairman, and Chief Mentor of CIHM Institute is the person behind the success of Hotel Management Institute in India. His pioneering initiatives in the field of hospitality education, including his efforts to connect academia with industry experts closely, have led the institute to be renowned as one of the top educational establishments in the country.

Immense Scope for Global Exposure

CIHM Institute offers Diploma, Bachelor, and Master’s degree courses in Hotel/Hospital/Hospitality/FNB/Culinary Management. The college is extremely keen on standard training and has provided placements to its students in five-star properties only, like Westin, Tay, JW Marriot, etc.

The programs being offered in the institute are designed equally—emphasis on theoretical and practical training with immense scope for national and international internships. The college also diligently arranges campaigns and counseling for its students.

Keeping Students Engaged

CIHM has an annual event where a lot of extracurricular activities and competitions take place. Right from Holi to Christmas, there is always some celebration occurring in the institute. The initiative for such celebration activities is always enthusiastically foreseen by its students along with the guidance of faculties.

Picnics and excursions with the college have also been arranged by the student council along with the faculty members of the institute. Furthermore, a yearly cricket tournament on sports day is also arranged by the institute.

Practical Implementation of Theoretical Knowledge

As a preeminent Hotel Management Institute, CIHM provides STEM-based learning to students. As per guidelines, the institute approaches both the theoretical portion as well as the practical ones.

The institute provides its students with the maximum possible practical exposure—and hands-on experience in this field. The institute provides them with mandatory lab assignments and group projects, which help them in learning through the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge.

The students of the institute are always prepared for global exposure as the institute sends them for six months of IT Training, six months of internship in branded 5-star properties abroad, and one year of apprenticeship and also provided job training in the 5 Star properties abroad as well as all over India.

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