Champions of Victory – Women as Global Leaders of Expansion
Women in Business - The knowledge Review

In all realms of life, it takes courage for a woman to stretch out her limits, to express power and to fulfill her potential. She believes in influencing and not in being authoritative whether business or home. The pros and cons of every situation are different but yet till today every being is amazed when a woman takes up the charge and unveils her capabilities.

The ladder of her career did begin with Conventional norms such as support system to males. This mindset was not only prevalent in Asian countries, but also was the former scenario of European and American continent in early eighteenth century. Time and people both have changed.  Now she is also a proud breadwinner caressed as central figure at home shouldering responsibility with her male counterpart. This monotony broke off significantly after world war two and till today the dazzling effect can be seen.

The United States of America has always been seen as the exemplary model of gender equality. Attesting to this statement, several women have emerged as global leaders in business today earning the title of most influential personalities for the same. Starting with social platform Facebook, many female employees are excelling in their designated post. One such amity is Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. She anticipated and made the company’s IPO as much up to 100 billion USD. Being criticized for her step at the beginning, she has been able to show that how prowess decisions can amplify the resources. As a reward to her finesse anticipation, she has been made a member of the Board of Directors at Facebook.

Another victor in this field is Virginia Rometty. Popularly known by her nickname ‘Ginni’, she is a cerebral Business executive. She has been able to show her competence and is now leading the techno Giant of the century IBM with bringing revenue of more than 100 billion. Interestingly, women in other countries are progressing vivaciously. The king producer of soft drinks, PepsiCo ltd is run by an Indian business personnel, Indra Nooyi, who has worked tirelessly to comprehend the taste to every stiff and predilection of sales. She exemplifies the ordeal that women from every class and country possess the same level of ingenuity.

Agility contributes to immense experience

Experience is valued more than any quality in the business world. Some individuals question about the agile stamina of a woman. Few individuals question about maintaining the same status in professional life by women after a certain age. To answer them, Savitri Jindal, an Indian Businesswoman pioneering at the age of 67, is chairperson emeritus of Jindal Power and Steel Ltd. She is displaying impeccable governance and quality leadership through her long-term experience. She is sought for every decision making crediting her vivid knowledge.

Taking Adversity as a Measure to Expand

Time and business graphs never remain same. It is as gliding as waves in the ocean. The way we choose to tackle that phase is important. For several years, Businesswomen have stood like pillars protecting their organization from adverse time. This can be stated by an incident recalling Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft. When the economic world was hit by global recession, many businesses were torn apart. Small and medium term businesses were unable to mitigate themselves from the bizarre of low cash economy. Kraft ltd., then under Irene, decided to split into two groups. One was Grocery business and another was Global snacks business. Though the initial months were excruciating, later it regained its graph. Today, it is one of the most celebrated businesses in North America. Thus, a daunting attitude can not only save the organization, but also lead us to ways never discovered before.

Serving as an Inspiration

Women working and taking the lead not only defines the shift in thought process from orthodox to heterodox, but is opinionated as tremendous source of positivity in and around the organization. Their nonchalant attitude promotes peaceful discussions and avoids unnecessary chaos in decision making. Chanda Kochhar, CEO of ICICI bank, has led the banking industry to a new scale and has made ICICI to emerge as one of the largest private sector banks in India. She is serving as a role model for many entrepreneurs in the country who are incepting their business at an investment of small amounts and planning to make it big.

Legendary figure Lila Poonawalla, an Indian businesswoman, philanthropist and humanitarian worker is an idol of success through struggle and dedication. Losing her father at an early age of three did not make her determinations weak.  She continued working tenaciously and was the first Indian girl to complete mechanical engineering. She has given extraordinary contributions in the field of humanism and education for girls aspiring for professional carriers. With being CEO of Tetra Pak; a global company dealing into packaging for 90% beverages of the world; she has shown zeal for technology and innovation.

She has been awarded as Padma Shri Bhushan, the highest civilian award by President of India and also Kings Award from Sweden recognizing her diligence in the business world and noble intent.

Women are truly a source of courage and wellspring of compassion and are blooming with the same zeal as Business executives and professionals.

Mahatma Gandhi, a renowned figure, once said “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an Indomitable Spirit.” In his words this indomitable spirit is really what separates women from men.

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