Charu Wahi– An Ardent Educationist focused on Student Empowerment
Charu Wahi
Charu Wahi

With more than 27 years of experience in the education sector, of which 18 years have been as a Principal, Ms. Charu Wahi is an outstanding leader and visionary. Presently heading the Nirmal Bhartia School, she is working passionately to build a community of learners who believe in raising the bar and achieving excellence through collaboration.

An Experienced Educator

Having pursued her schooling from Carmel Convent and Modern School, Delhi, Charu graduated in Psychology from the Lady Shri Ram College and completed her post-graduation in Applied Psychology from the University of Delhi, South Campus, with a specialization in Child Psychology. Charu also completed the Project Zero Course from Harvard University and various online courses including Leadership and Coach Development. She has trained and conducted numerous workshops for teachers across the country and has also helped set up new schools in Chandigarh and Ludhiana.

Having completed her education, Charu joined The Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar where she served for seven years, teaching across subjects and classes. She also helped set up the Special Education Section. Thereafter, she took over as the founding Principal of The Shri Ram School, Aravali in Gurgaon and headed the Junior school for seven years, after which she joined the Nirmal Bhartia School and has been a part of this institution for the last 13 years as its Principal.

Charu’s Passion for Children

Charu feels that children need and deserve a learning environment that is both engaging and enriching. “I think in this age we need to move away from the mere acquisition of knowledge because all information is available today at the mere click of a button. What we need to teach our children are the skills that will help them to use that information wisely and effectively”. Her prime objective therefore, is to ensure that children are equipped with the skills that will enable them to be creative and confident individuals who understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration.

Motivating and Empowering Teachers

Charu believes in providing teacher support, not just professionally, but also personally. She affirms that teachers’ experiences reflect back into the classroom through their teachings and thus feels that “If we are able to motivate the teachers and excite them about learning, then they will generate the same enthusiasm in their classrooms as well”. Under her astute leadership, the school conducts several programmes for teachers including Pursue Your Passion, Exploring New Horizons and Sharing Best Practices, where the teachers are engaged in several activities that help them to reflect on and enhance their skills and also empowers them with the newest and most relevant research in education. Effort and time is, thus, spent on both, professional training as well as personal development. 

Personalized Parent Connect

Charu advocates building a circle of trust between parents and families and proactively reaching out to address family needs and concerns.

Innovative and fun community events organized by the team such as Masti-Ke Ghol, Community Cook-Outs and Adventure Days are much appreciated by parents and have been instrumental in helping build close, meaningful relationships with them.

To help parents with the indomitable task of parenting, the school also organizes several workshops and seminars on topics such as child development, healthy eating and conflict management. Parents with special skills and talents are also invited to participate in parent-sharing activities or volunteer their time on a part-time basis.

About Nirmal Bhartia School

Charu shares that at the Nirmal Bhartia School, education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge and skills required to prepare one for life, but the entire process of living and engaging with life and experiencing its uniqueness, diversity and inter-connectedness.

In order to provide an education of such meaning and value, at NiBS, they have designed a curriculum for their children that is truly holistic and a learning process that imbibes the very same diversity, wholeness and authenticity of life itself.

A Responsible Leader

A role model for many, Charu’s undying dedication and commitment towards her work is worth emulating. Passionate about what she does, she believes in working together as a cohesive team to create authentic, meaningful and enriching learning opportunities for all. “My belief in teamwork and my team of teachers are my strength”, she says.

Looking Ahead

In the days to come, Charu wants Nirmal Bhartia School to be a path-breaking mentor for educational institutions and individuals willing to learn and grow together. Charu advises the students to pursue excellence in whatever they choose to do as “working hard is the only key to achieving success”, she claims.

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