Child Learning: Simplifying Communication and Educating Students for Success in a Digital World
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To connect parents and schools with each other locally and to communicate seamlessly by using any digital channel, from anywhere and without a hassle

Early education is the most important part of any child’s life. This is where the foundation of future learning is formed and no parents want to compromise on that. With the same understanding and to help school and parents to develop children to the best of their abilities, Child learning is one of the largest and rising early education platform designed especially for children from early to secondary schools to universities. In Aug 2015, the firm designed the new generation, global, and cost-effective parent-teacher communication digital platform called cJourney™ in the United Kingdom. Child Learning Limited set up their first franchise in India in March 2016 with a few partners’ schools on board. The firm recognized India as one of the largest alongside its growing education needs and hence, established its franchise here.

The Flagship Product

cJourney™ is the flagship product of Child Learning Limited. It is a web, mobile, and tablet app suite, which simplifies the communication among parents, teachers, and schools. The digital platform eases up the day-to-day administrative activities for the schools and allows them to focus only on the learning and development of the child, which it truly cares about.

The app currently serves early and primary schools in India and the UK. In parallel, the firm plans to launch the same app in the US with various other global markets. Features like sending broadcast messages, SMS, pictures, attachments, daily diaries; call and chat, fee management, event invites within cJourney app enable the schools and parents to communicate digitally without a hassle.

cJourney offers handy feature like daily diary, where schools can send daily updates and next day activities in advance to parents. Its observations feature can be shared by both the schools and parents. Other features include fee management, which enables school administrations to manage fee payments and share fee receipts. Furthermore, the school admin can also send free reminders to the parents to avoid any delay in payment.

The most important feature of the app is the security of the child i.e. GPS tracking of school buses. This feature ensures the safety of children, offering a real-time tracking to parents and school admins. The group recently rolled out an Event Invites feature wherein schools can add, manage and share the events and meetings with parents. School can invite parents for parent-teacher meetings, Independence Day, Republic Day etc. at a specific date and time.

To be precise, cJourney helps good and professional schools to save time, effort, money and provides a top professional image and branding at a global stage.

Aims and Objectives

Child learning’s objective is to become a global education technology leader by 2020. It aspires to be a prominent name in digital education through its innovative, specific, useful, and value-based products and services. It will continue to strengthen its reach to every parent and schools around the globe and bring them on-board, not as an educator but as a partner in using the cJourney as the amazing communication platform.

cJourney visions to provide a sense to the parents that they can connect with their children every time even inside the school, without even being physically present. It further wants to support its schools to focus primarily on the learning and development of the child and leaving the digital world and communication on cJourney’s shoulders.

The Tech-Savvy Leaders

Being an engineer from a profession, Gagan Rana helms the chair of Founder and CEO of the Child Learning. He earned his engineering degree from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune, and an MBA from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK. Prior to founding Child Learning, he has worked as Product Manager for BBC UK, Mercedes-Benz UK, Volkswagen Financial Services UK, Lloyds Banking Group UK, Yodel UK etc. He is quite passionate to make cJourney a global success in the education technology market and to change the ways of going forward in which education industry communicates.

Daniela Thompson is the Education Advisor and is a subject matter expert at Child’s learning and development. She is also an Assistant Head and Senior Teacher of an Outstanding School in the UK. Daniela has worked with other schools to develop their mathematics teaching and works with trainee teachers. Being a proud mother of two sons, she provides great insight in shaping cJourney’s features both as a parent and as a teacher.

Disrupting the Traditional Communication Systems

With the assistance of digital technology, the group plans to simplify parent-student-children efforts as simple as possible. For instance, teachers can send diary notes to multiple parents by click of a button , which would have been written separately in each child’s diary. The app jumps further and provides observations by teachers and parents, where both can share their remarks with analysis and advise the next steps to ensure the quality education of the child. The group is also planning to develop online learning modules for the children (5 months to 5 years) with the help of their Partner Education Experts. These modules will leverage the current traditional systems as well as comprise futuristic techniques to impart early education. Both, the parents and teacher will be able to gain an advantage by these modules. In addition, the group is rigorously planning to protect the user data and provide a continuous and consistent experience to its franchise, partners, and the end users.

Promoting Digital Education

The group focuses on its blogs and social media platforms to promote digital education and regularly publishes best practices to be used in schools or at home by parents. Child Learning updates its social media regularly with various global education frameworks. To complement innovation and keeping it ahead always of time, the group asks challenging questions to its school’s partners to provide the complete education and even guide them to do so by using its education subject matter experts.

Esteemed Wall of Fame

In the short span of two years, Child Learning has achieved much success quickly and has been awarded alongside acknowledged by many people in the industry. The group is much proud on its key achievements and the results of its hard work and satisfaction of its school partners to provide a repeated business, for example; Little Kids, Kids Castle, and many more.

Some of the prominent achievements of the group are:

  • Listed in “The Top 10 Most Promising Education App provided in 2017” by Silicon India/US Magazine Group
  • Having twenty schools on board in India via Franchise Model with 1200+ students and growing every week
  • A secure and reliable presence in Android, iOS and Web platforms
  • Approved as “The Great British Business” by Telegraph UK. Additionally, a documentary is being made on its business with a live date of 23rd April 2019
  • Awarded as “10 Leading Players in Education Industry in 2018” by Business Sight Media Global Magazine
  • Successfully launched #cJourney in the UK on 22nd November 2018 in Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes, UK, even got 5 leads, which will be finalized in early 2019

Education for the Future

The group will continue to strengthen the base of cJourney and will roll out the app into global education markets. It will also keep adding new features to support India, UK and global requirements. As previously mentioned, it is working on the development of online learning modules for early education industry and simultaneously working on rolling out an Artificial Intelligence feature to predict the future of a child and influence the future if required. This will benefit parents and teachers to guide the children in building a better future. In addition, the group wants approved users to view the live video inside the school by its new feature cVideos. It is also working on a feature called order school meals for the UK and other markets.

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