Chitra Bhatia: An Ardent Educationist transforming Education with Innovation

A dedicated leader in education is one who is driven by the zeal to educate others while ever remaining a passionate learner. One such enthusiastic leader with the zeal to learn, teach and strive for excellence in every activity is none other than Chitra Bhatia, Founder of Study Abroad Xperts Education Inc. and Chitra & Associates Immigration Consultants Inc.

An Inspirational Journey

Chitra became a part of the Indian education sector while designing programs to train people during the IT boom of the 90s. As the head of the Indraprastha Institute of Technology and Management, she took on the responsibility to design programs that enhanced an individual’s knowledge and scope of work with technical & professional skills much needed to succeed in the Indian technology and management landscape existing then.

What started as a passion to help people transition to a more tech-inclined world soon transformed into a zeal to bring change to education itself using the latest available technology. She accomplished her mission through her role as Senior Director and Business Head while being employed with Hughes Communication, a global telecommunications company that pioneered online education. Chitra was at the forefront of designing and building a digital education solution that was to be used at leading education institutions in India including IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozikode, XLRI to name a few.

Chitra has worked with renowned entities designing staff development and retention programs for their employees. In her 7-year tenure, she has seen exponential growth in students taking up online education. The biggest challenge she faced initially was that of getting together the first batch of students. With time though things changed with a quantum increase being witnessed in students undergoing online education as well as  the type of programs being made available to them.

Being responsible for managing these relationships with premium institutes and ensuring that all their programs were offered with the highest standards, has their own challenges. Not only was the faculty new to the concept, even the students faced challenges as they were used to studying in the traditional brick & mortar class-room style,” says Chitra.

A Proficient Educator

Throughout her tenure at Hughes, Chitra received various awards and recognition including the Award for Contribution & Excellence, International Marketing Person of the year, the President Award etc. to name a few. She is of the opinion that online education has now become part of the regular education system and feels proud to have contributed to a revolution where she played a significant role in enhancing the way education is imparted. Meeting successful students motivates her making her realize how education in the right format has contributed to enhancing their career, professional and personal lives.

To expand her skill set and assist companies achieve excellence, Chitra pursued her Master’s Degree in Consulting Management from BITS Pilani. Eventually, she became the Country Head of Kelly Services which specializes in IT & Professional recruitment and temping business. She worked in India for the last time as the Country Head & Managing Director of Sanako Oy’s Indian operations where among other highlights, her team transformed the way languages and content are learned using language labs in India. It involved reconstructing the manner of teaching and education to incorporate elements of ICT to improve and personalize learning.

Moving to Canada, Chitra took up the responsibility of a Regional Director heading three career colleges in the Atlantic region which among themselves offered diversified careers in digital arts and health sciences- fields high in demand which called for a passion to pursue to its logical end. She opined that booming industries like digital arts and technology were first choices for some as they could indulge their passion and turn it into a successful career. She emphasized on science being another field which would remain evergreen despite a slowdown in industry. Eventually, she ascended to the role of Director of International Education imparting education to international students.

Career Highlights

Having studied the landscape of education and immigration in Canada, Chitra decided to pursue immigration and education consulting. She completed her diploma in Immigration Consulting and became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Currently, Chitra is a member of organizations such as the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

Under Chitra’s ardent leadership, both companies focus on keeping the client’s needs and future prospects at the core of their practice. It became her passion to help international students choose the best institute that fit their budget as also fulfills their career-related needs. The company’s goals seem fulfilled when they come across student successful building a bright career. In doing so, they focus dedicatedly on making sure that the students get the best institutes besides getting the program of their choice which may help them find employment once they graduate. Going further the companies often assist students in providing reference for their first jobs, reviewing their resumes, guiding them on job searches and becoming their coach and mentor in this new country.

About Study Abroad Xperts

Chitra established Study Abroad Xperts in June 2015. Gaining a better understanding of the education landscape in Canada, she decided on starting a consulting firm that kept the customers’ needs at the core of all actions. In line with its motivation and mission, the company aims to enable students to access education that propels them towards a future they aspire for. The company’s practice built on the pillars of integrity, honesty, and ethics, it envisions an education landscape in Canada where students are able to access the best education for themselves and get relevant, meaningful advice.

The company has partnered with other premium institutions the world over to make this vision a reality. Its services are designed to ensure it can cater to the long term needs of its clients, including their career and immigration. With detailed knowledge in both education and immigration laws, the company aims to design a student’s journey right from the start of their education, all the way through to integration and settlement in the country. To this end, it provides these services for international students planning to study in Canada or the US, as also Canadian students looking to study in the US.

Message for the Future Leaders

Marching towards the future, Chitra states, “While it is important to focus on a long-term goal, it is equally important to understand short-term goals. You will not be able to go to the next level without climbing the stairs. One should focus on both the goals and not leave one of them in isolation. Write your goals and make sure you keep reviewing and revising them as you go”.  

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