Conquering Laziness: Stepping Stone to Career Success
Conquering Laziness
Conquering Laziness

A very common thing among students of different study levels and age groups is the struggle to overcome laziness in studying. There are times when they have a lot of homework to do but they do not feel like completing it. Laziness becomes a major hurdle in our studies, homework, and other related tasks. If not checked at an early stage, it will become a habit and negatively affect their studies and other endeavors.

It is Essential to Effectively deal with Laziness

Teachers instruct students to complete assignments and projects in due time. But, on many occasions, they do not complete the same in the given time. This is because they feel lazy to complete assignments and would rather spend time in leisure or take rest. This action is detrimental to students as they are wasting valuable time, which they could have utilized in doing something productive.

Strategies to overcome Laziness

Like every other thing, overcoming laziness is not an impossible feat. With proper dedication, motivation, and planning, individuals can utilize their time, efforts, and energy towards positive outcomes. Students can follow the below mentioned techniques to deal with laziness:

Selecting a Comfortable Place

Students should find such a location, which is devoid of any noise or distraction. It will help them to overcome laziness and concentrate in studies. They can choose any ideal place be it a coffee shop or their bedroom where they feel comfortable and can focus on their studies.

Framing a Study Plan

If students maintain a proper study plan, they can organize and track down their tasks easily. They can make a study time table which will help them to spend equal time on each subject. Making a list of assignments that are due on the basis of calendar dates can also be helpful. It will help them to complete the tasks on priority basis.

Take Steps Gradually

Students can take up one task at a time. They can break down bigger tasks into smaller ones. It will ease their stress levels and will help them to manage things efficiently. Completing small tasks will motivate individuals to complete their overall task in a convenient way. Another thing that bothers students is how to start with a lesson. All of us get confused and are afraid to start a big task and complete it in time. Similarly, students feel lazy to study difficult topics. In such cases, they should start with easy topics. Once they complete the easier ones, they will gain the confidence to tackle difficult topics.

To-Do Lists are Helpful

Sometimes students have so many things to do, that they lose track of many important things to be accomplished. In this case, they can prepare a to-do-list which will remind them which task needs to be completed as per priority. These lists are handy and can be placed anywhere. It will remind them what to do next and will help them to focus on the task at hand, especially when distractions are just around the corner.

Eliminate all Distractions

Distractions are another hindrance to studies. It makes students lazier. Removing all the distractions will help students to concentrate better on their studies and complete their assignments on time. While studying, students should switch off the television, laptop/computer, and mobile phones. If needed, they can also ask their family or parents to give them privacy. Students can concentrate better on studies by avoiding these distractions.

Motivation is a Key Component

Students feel lazy to study because they lack the needed motivation. Proper motivation will help them to accomplish their goals. Students can encourage themselves by visualizing the end results of dedicated study. By studying with sheer dedication, they will be able to get the highest score in the classroom. Studying properly will fetch them high-paying jobs and respectable status in the society. These factors can motivate students to tackle laziness and concentrate on studies.

Discipline is of utmost Importance

In order to overcome laziness, every student has to discipline themselves. They need to avoid distractions during studies. Sleeping and waking up at the right time, maintaining proper time-table for studies and other activities, and completing each task at its designated time, are some vital traits of a disciplined student. Avoiding activities which break the attention span is necessary. Furthermore, electronic gadgets can also be placed afar to maintain concentration. These small sacrifices will be very helpful for students in the future.

Employing a Reward System

It is very difficult to overcome laziness. Hence, if individuals succeed in doing the same, they should reward themselves. For instance, if a student studies for half-an-hour without any interruptions, they should treat themselves with their favorite chocolate or ice cream bar. This will help them to build a positive mindset to produce positive outcomes.

It is very normal for any student to be lazy while studying. Every individual experiences the same thing, especially when one has a lot to study, but doesn’t know where to start. What matters is how seriously they take the matter at hand. Whether it is a small quiz or preparation for the

final exams, students should be committed to achieve the goals and overcome laziness. They should work hard and dedicate themselves towards studies to taste the sweet fruit of success.

 — Ananda Kamal Das

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