Contemporary music can set the tone for your wedding!

If you have attended your friend’s weddings in the last few months, you can understand how the theme has emerged as a significant aspect of the wedding. Due to COVID- 19, wedding rules have changed to a few guests and minimal arrangements. Along with the guest count, various other aspects have also undergone alteration, like music. Just because you intend to go for a micro wedding does not mean you need to sacrifice the music quality. If you want to make your marriage memorable, you cannot compromise with music. Various music companies have a great deal of experience when it comes to performing at distinct micro weddings. These music agencies provide live streaming so you can share your special day with individuals who matter to you.

Let’s look into the distinct aspects of wedding music

If you want to create magic among your special guests, then you must be cautious of the following points:

Ceremony music

Since a small micro wedding, you may include high-quality professional musicians with experience playing in a full-size wedding to create a memorable event. There are distinct categories of music used by music agencies to create a unique ambiance. These music agencies provide classic pro duos or string quartets. You get a chance to work with ceremony music directors who select the best piece of music that creates an enduring atmosphere. You may use a short version of your favorite songs for distinct parts of the wedding, like bridal entries.

Cocktail Music

The cocktail aims to create a relaxed and laid-back feeling in the formal ceremony. Your guests must feel comfortable and relaxed. Music agencies provide a jazz trio or solo piano and other options. Since there are separate musicians who will work with you, they create a customizable plan that transitions your ceremony and makes it even more appealing.

Dinner music

As the name suggests, this music is for dinner time. You can select a beautiful piece that goes with the time based on the guest numbers you expect. As far as possible, go for those pieces that create a relaxed ambiance and make your guests feel more engaged. When deciding on the dinner music, pay attention to the catering company and even you because they will guide you through the distinct options depending on the number of guests. Make sure to consult the music company and its professionals.

Dancing music

Just because you have reduced your guest number does not mean that you will compromise on the dance. It is the most interesting and exciting part of the wedding. Everybody wants to perform something unique and original for you. Depending on the stage size, type of venue, and set-up, you may work on your list of dancing music for your micro wedding. It is fundamental to pick songs carefully since you will provide fewer opportunities for your guests to dance. Whether the first dance, father-daughter, or mother-son dance, you must be cautious of the piece you select.

In addition, the sound system and live streaming are other significant aspects to discuss. Ensure that the overall atmosphere is appropriate for your guests and your special ones.

Try to meet two or three professionals before you settle for one. Hire those agencies that are known for their outstanding performance and market reputation. Whether it is live streaming or the creation of the music list, you need experts to handle them.

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