COVID-19 pandemic: VIBGYOR group of schools announces list of India’s first scholarship for financially affected parents

In order to address the concerns of financially affected parents due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the VIBGYOR School Group announced the initial List of need-based financial relief packages for India through the ‘VIBGYOR Edubridge Scholarship Programme.’

In order to absorb the first wave of financial consequences faced by the parents as a result of the reduction in salaries caused by the pandemic, the school announced in May the ‘VIBGYOR Edubridge Scholarship Programme.’ The management immediately asked all parents who were financially disadvantaged or distressed to apply for a scholarship and received overwhelming responses.

The second list of beneficiaries for the ‘Edubridge Scholarship Programme’ will be revealed in the next few weeks by VIBGYOR, a leader in the creativity and redefining the education systems in India. Parents applying for a scholarship earned advantages up to three academic installments of the school fees. The exercise is the best exercise ever witnessed in the private space of schools in India.

Parents have been selected by carefully crafted guidelines to ensure that the process is straightforward and compatible with the school’s values. As a large number of parents are applying for the scheme, the school is making significant efforts in the selection process.

The programme also ensured continued learning for the students as at the beginning of the academic year VIBGYOR prepared its students for blended learning through the state-of-the-art virtual learning sessions.

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