CS Ankit Tiwari : Mentor to Educational Leaders
Satya MicroCapital Limited

An old, but epic saying from Hindu mythology roughly translates to ‘When My Teacher is standing with The God, whom shall I greet first? It shall definitely be the Teacher; after all he was the one who made me aware about the significance of God in the first place!’

Such has been the timeless beauty of student-teacher relationship in our times that this bonding has maintained its gravity since ages without even being stained a tad due to the changing tides of the time. Now this relationship has advanced with times and owing to current circumstances, has shifted to Influencer Education.

With the passage of time the definition of Teachers and the Art of Teaching per-se has changed a lot and now provides with a different perspective. It has become more understanding based and has devoured a taste for the technological world. Technology has been taking over the masses and has been in schools for a decade now with Ed-tech. Ed-tech has been in the market for sometime now and has definitely made its presence felt.

Education Influencers have become the new ‘it’ thing when it comes to online learning. They have devoured different techniques for presenting education in a way that makes it drastically simple.
One such Influencer is CS Ankit Tiwari, Co-Founder of LectureDekho.com. By qualification he is a Company Secretary and as far as professional journey is concerned he started his career with Satin Creditcare Network Limited. His last Company was Satya MicroCapital Limited and he served as Company Secretary and Compliance officer.

Inspiration behind the Company

The inspiration comes from being a CS from a small town where learning opportunities were limited. He wanted to create a platform that could serve all the students facing the same issues he had faced in the initial phase of his career. The idea of “Lecture Dekho” came from his own life and from all the issues he himself faced as a student

Mr. Vivek Tiwari, MD & CEO of Satya MicroCapital Limited had always inspired him a lot from the day he joined his group. He had an implicable aura. This is what CS Ankit Tiwari had to say, “A guy who started from zero and joined the Thousand crores club and still so down to earth, his warm nature the way he treats his employees inspired me a lot.” His biggest learning is that Expense is income. Don’t be afraid of expense today’s expense is the source of tomorrow income.

Institute’s Association with Social Media

LectureDekho deals with school education and one of the most important thing being that they are the most affordable Ed-Tech Company in this Country. They provide quality content to students at the most affordable prices through their Mobile App which is available on play store by the name of LectureDekho- Inspire Learning.

Being an educational company, technology plays the key role for teaching and reaching out to thousands of students. “sometimes I wonder how drastically we had grown up in the last 20 years… And when it comes to social media… I would love to say its like those extra chocolate chips on a chocolate cake without which we all can’t survive.”, said Mr. Tiwari.

Social media has become an undeniable part of everyone’s general routine and being the founder of an Ed-tech company has encouraged him to comply with the social knick knacks. Reaching and educating students and parents has never been easy.

Interactive learning : need of the hour

Mr. Tiwari shared his views, “I still remember reading a survey result that says, ‘we remember 10% of what we learn, we remember 20% of what we hear, we remember 30% of what we see and we remember 50% of what we hear and see.’

Currently, maximum amount of students study via learning and listening and they can remember upto maximum 20% of what they hear and learn while in interactive, online content they can remember 50%.
So, interactive, online content helps the students in understanding concepts in place of mugging up.

NEP : Boon or bane?

The founder thinks that NEP is just that change that was required in the education system. Our outdated education system had been creating hurdles and to be able to compete meaningfully and equally has become the need of the hour. He thinks that this was an absolutely right and long awaited decision that the government has finally taken.

Introduction of newer subjects and broadening of the students horizons is exactly what was needed.

A word of advice

Mr. Tiwari thinks that he himself is in the learning process, as this never stops.

He shares from his own personal experience that, “all one needs to do is sit with the kids. Be friends with them play with them and learn from them then only you would be able to understand what are their wants. What is their basic need, and the little thing that if provided to them they can do wonders that me and you can’t even imagine. So all you need to do is spend time with kids.”

Future Prospects

Ankit aims to help more than 10 million students with their careers by the end of the year 2022 while going along with them and be a part of their journey. He has powerful plans for his company and would like to maintain his success as marking stone for the journey he is about to embark.

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