The Culinary Academy

The Culinary Academy of India is the first professional training school for a higher education in culinary arts founded in India in 1996. Ever since its inception, Brand CAI has matched the standards of top American and European culinary institutes and  is recognized as India’s premier culinary arts and catering technology institute, and one of the best colleges for aspiring chefs’ world over. It is listed as the Pioneering , Top and the oldest Culinary Training Institute by all  leading educational portals.

Brand CAI celebrated its silver jubilee this year ( 2019-20). Over the course of 25 years, the Culinary Academy of India has placed over 10,000 young Indian’s in leading cruise line  food production operations globally, and more than 2,000 chef graduates in the leading hotels and culinary organizations  in India and globally.

Learning Options

Right from the beginning, Brand CAI has been at the forefront of culinary education in India. Currently, the Culinary Academy of India is the only culinary arts institution in the country that offers all three university/ Board recognised/affiliated/approved  levels of culinary trainings  under a single roof.

The three course options available are:

Course Name Duration Affiliation/Approval/Recognition
Bachelor’s Degree in Catering Technology & Culinary Arts Three Years


Osmania University & AP State Board of Higher Education
Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts One Year Osmania University
Craft Certification Course in Food Production One-and-Half Year AP State Board of Technical Education
Advance Diploma In Culinary Arts One Year Certification  by Culinary Academy of India

At CAI, your learning curve will be extremely steep. World-class training facilities, kitchens and infrastructure is managed by a team of exceptional chefs-cum-lecturers. At  Culinary Academy of India you can learn the latest culinary concepts, trends and nuanced cooking techniques. Advanced subjects like molecular gastronomy, sous vide cooking, ayurvedic cuisine and vegan diets, oriental, far eastern and other international cuisines make it into the curriculum over here. As far as the Pastry & Confectionery Side is concerned Sugar confectionery , Advanced Pastry, Three Dimensional Confectionery and International Baking &  Artisan Breads are also part of the Curriculum. In addition to different recipes and cooking styles, , edible sculpture and advanced garde – manger skills are also taught at the academy.

Our Methodology and Setup

At Brand CAI our main focus is practical training. Upto 70% of our student’s time is spent in kitchens, while theory makes up the rest. The Academy has 7 fully equipped training kitchens, with each kitchen specifically designed for separate learning opportunities. We are the only culinary college in India to have exclusive simulated kitchens which include a sugar studio, cruise galley, a molecular food lab and a sous vide setup. We also have a compact 36-cover training restaurant where students learn the nitty gritties of guest needs & demands. Students at the Academy are also coached in soft skills and impeccable restaurant etiquettes. It is our belief that these are the minimum requirement to achieve excellence in the culinary landscape.

Our staff of 18 full-time chef instructors & Technical Demonstrators who cover all aspects of Food Production, Food Presentation, Kitchen Management, Food Hygiene and F & B Matching. All our faculty members have previously worked at some of the world’s most famous hotels in India and abroad. Our chefs not only educate the students with practical training and food theory, but also guide our students in their fields of interest in gastronomy. Brand CAI has a highly utilized resource center and library with some of the most iconic gastronomic books ever published. This reading material combined with the theory lessons equip our students with a detailed understanding of food. Additionally we also ensure that we have a low student to trainer ratio, allowing our staff to pay individual attention to each of our students.

The Culinary Academy of India is located in close proximity to some of the most illustrious hotels in Hyderabad. This enables our students to get more practical hands-on training at professional kitchens. The added advantage of convenience for on-the-job experience translates to steeper growth for each individual, while providing a wholesome understanding of the industry they will be working in. Being the first professional culinary arts training school in India, our students are exposed to tremendous Training/  job opportunities in the Hotel, Catering & Culinary sectors. Our practical training and soft skills coaching empower our students with the prerequisites to handle senior positions in professional kitchens with confidence and dynamism.

Awards, Accolades and Records

As the premier academy of culinary arts in India, Brand CAI is heavily decorated. The Culinary Academy of India holds the honors of being “India’s Best Culinary Arts College” among 200 other educators that offer exclusive culinary courses at different academic levels. The college has also been awarded the “Best Culinary Educator” and “Best Culinary Institute in India” by the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations. Besides these accolades, Brand CAI has also secured the top spot in India according to, CollegeDunia, CollegeSearch, Google or The college has also been ranked in the top 10 culinary institutes in the world by Asian Correspondence.

Accolades and awards are one thing, Brand CAI also boasts of four world records. These being:


  1. World Record for Longest Cold Meat Platter
  2. World Record for the Highest Number of Cakes, Gateaux and Tortes at a single venue
  3. World Record for Tallest Cupcake Christmas Tree
  4. World Record for the Highest Number of International Breads

Official Training Galley/ Cruise Courses

CAI is also the official training center for galley personnel in India for Leading Cruise Line Companies  viz Costa, P&O and Princess Cruise lines.  At the Culinary Academy of India we have infrastructure and resources designed specifically to teach the students in a cruise setup, a unique concept of simulated training which   no other culinary college in India can claim.

Our cruise partners have a huge fleet size of around 40 ships, all of which are famous for their food quality and exclusivity. We are the only college in India fully equipped to train and deliver courses tailored to meet the hiring requirements of American and European cruise companies.

Exclusive Company Specific Cruise courses Offered at Culinary Academy of India . 

1.    P&O Cruise Lines, UK
Course Name Duration
Basic Commis  Trainee Hot Kitchen 6 weeks
Basic Commis  Trainee Pastry/Bakery 4 Weeks
2.       Princess Cruise Lines, USA
Course Name Duration
Second Commis Hot Kitchen 8 weeks
Second Commis  Pastry & Bakery 8 weeks
3.       Costa Cruise Lines, Italy
Course Name Duration
Here For You Galley Basic 9 Days
Here For You Restaurant Basic 9 Days
Here For You Culinary Basic 15 Days
Here For You Pastry Basic 12 days
Course Name Duration
Here For You Pizza & Bakery Basic 12 Days
Here For You Housekeeping & Crew 9 Days
Here for You Bar Basic 9 Days

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