review is an online platform that allows users to trade in cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2018 by two entrepreneurs, Dimitris Hatzis and Athanasios Pulios. The platform offers a wide range of features, including the ability to trade in over 200 cryptocurrencies, real-time charts and market data, and a live chat feature. also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

One of the key features of is that it allows users to trade in cryptocurrency derivatives, meaning they can speculate on the future price of cryptocurrencies without actually owning them. has launched its own token, known as the CURR token, which will be used for all transactions on the platform. The company is also in the process of launching its Currency Ecosystem Fund (CEF) aimed at high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

The company is registered in the Isle of Man and is regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (IOMFSA). 

What can do?

– Get the current price of a currency pair in real-time from major world currencies such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, and many more

– Easily choose the amount to represent with a slider ranging from 0.00001 – whatever you want.

– Show a widget on your website that automatically updates the current price every hour. 

The pros

There are a number of reasons why could be a good choice for those looking to trade in cryptocurrencies. These include: 

High-quality platform: is a simple and easy-to-use platform that has most of the features you would expect to find in a cryptocurrency trading marketplace, including real-time charts and market data. The interface also includes added security so users can store their funds safely. 

Currency Ecosystem Fund (CEF): The CEF is a key part of review and offers investors the opportunity to invest in a range of different cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. 

Live chat support: One of the advantages of using is that it offers live chat support 24/7, meaning you can get help and support whenever you need it. 

The cons

While there are a number of positives to using, there are also some potential negatives that should be taken into account:

Lack of deposit options: One downside to using is that it does not currently offer a range of deposit options, such as debit or credit cards. This means you will have to use other payment methods such as Skrill or bank transfers. 

Small selection of cryptocurrencies: While offers a range of different cryptocurrencies, the total number is relatively small compared to other exchanges and marketplaces, making it difficult for users who want to trade in less common currencies. That being said, the platform does state that it is adding more currencies over time. 

The verdict appears to be a well-designed and secured cryptocurrency trading marketplace with some promising features, including its own token and innovative investment fund for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. That being said, at the moment, it is one of the smaller cryptocurrency exchanges and marketplaces due to the relatively small number of cryptocurrencies available.

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