DAD ADVISE: The World-class Training Provider for Industry-ready Professionals

In the evolution of economic growth, globalisation and development, nations and companies operating within nations often experience skill shortages because of a gap between the labour market needs of industry and the output produced by educational and training institutions.

Studies conducted across the APEC region are experiencing a shortage of professional skills, as over half of the firms investigated indicated difficulties in recruiting employees due to lack of skills and deficiency in knowledge. The challenge is clear and the need for a promising solution has been announced.

A firm that is steadfastly rising to that challenge and playing the much-needed part in reducing the skills gap is the India-based DAD ADVISE. With a glorious vision of promoting an environment that will bring people with diverse verticals, interests, and backgrounds to gather in a common forum to overcome their professional challenges and grow in a career, DAD ADVISE is committed to enhancing the competency and skill of the professional workforce.

We, at The Knowledge Review magazine, are honoured and thrilled to bring to you an interview we conducted with the team over at DAD ADVISE so as to gain some insights into their journey and also an overview of the consulting and training sector of India.

So, without further ado, let us dive right into the interview and relish the knowledge we are about to receive.

Please tell us about the saga of your reputed organisation.

M/S DAD ADVISE is the name that we gave to our firm as we always seek out our own ‘Dad’s Advise’ in case of any important strategic decision of life. The company gives management consulting in key areas like people and organization, strategy and transformation, corporate and key accounts, marketing, sales, process optimization, and total quality management. It also provides corporate training in key areas such as leadership development, successful sales, project management, and soft skills training. It also facilitates e-learning and corporate storytelling.

Please share your journey in becoming an education brand.

M/S DAD ADVISE envisions creating a benchmark towards India’s professional competency and skill enhancement by creating a unique, upscale, and innovative culture. M/S DAD ADVISE will promote an environment that will bring people with diverse verticals, interests, and backgrounds to gather in a common forum to overcome their professional challenges and grow in their careers. We will work for enhancing the competency and skill of the professional workforce.

Brief us about the personality behind the success of the institution/organisation, and how he has helped in the branding process.

Mr Hirak Raval – the Founder and Business Owner of DAD ADVISE, has amassed a tall list of credentials and achievements in his years of experience. Some of the noteworthy achievements are as follows:

  • Four Times Global Awardee
  • Twice National Awardee
  • Twenty-One Times Global Honouree
  • Management Consultant
  • Professional Trainer
  • Corporate Story-teller
  • Startup Mentor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Life-long Learner.

Mr Hirak Raval is a veteran business leader and has received many global as well as national awards. He is copiously honoured globally for his achievements across various platforms. He has phenomenal track records in strategic and business roles, with a bonafide concentration on the company’s overall growth and increment in market share. He has 15+ years of experience and worked with varied industries business segments from local to MNCs elevating SMEs and MSMEs to Global FORTUNE-500 company’s attainment.

A synergistic and growth-oriented culture that he will leave behind, which we will continue to advance and expand based on organizational mission and vision. He aced profound certified professional courses from world-renowned universities.

Key Achievements of Mr Hirak Raval:

  • Awarded “40 Under 40 Leader” by Global Talent Awards
  • Awarded “Most Admired and Innovative Personality – Business Management” by Global Leaders Awards
  • Awarded “Outstanding Leadership Award” by World Education Leaders Summit and Awards.
  • Shortlisted for “Harvard Business Council – International Award” by Harvard Business Council (HBC)
  • Shortlisted for “International Iconic Excellency Awards” hosted by UNESCO
  • Shortlisted for “Excellency Award” by World Human Rights Protection Commissions (WHRPC)
  • Shortlisted for “Global Excellence Award” by International Agencies
  • Shortlisted as “Inspiring Icons” by Global Triumph Foundation
  • Nominated for “Young Economic Forum” by The World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • Nominated for “Global Leadership Award” by Tällberg-SNF-Eliasson
  • Nominated for “People – Executives and Professionals Award” by OSTAR Award
  • Nominated for “Indian Icon Award” by National Human Rights Organization (NHRO)
  • Nominated for “Outstanding Achievement Award” by International Excellence Award – Book Of World Records
  • Nominated for “Quality Mark Award” by Quality Mark Trust
  • Nominated for “Global India Business Excellence Award” by Global India Business Forum
  • Nominated for “Business Leadership Award” by Indian Achievers’ Award and CSR Times
  • Nominated for “India Excellence Awards” by International and National Rating Agencies
  • Twice awarded at “Mega Brahmin Business Summit” organized in association with iNDEXTB – Government of Gujarat
  • ‘CHANGE-MAKER’ at Yuva Innovator Challenge and Global Entrepreneur Network (GEN)
  • Letter of Appreciation from Ministry of MSME – TDC & PPDC, Government of India
  • M/S DAD ADVISE awarded “Best Management Consulting and Professional Development Organisation” and shortlisted for “Global Startup Summit & Awards”, “Top 10 Most Promising SME Advisor in India” and “Leading Education Brands”.
  • M/S DAD CS shortlisted for “India’s 5000 Best MSME Awards”

Where does the ed-tech sector stand in the country today?

India’s EdTech industry is poised to become $30 billion in size in the next 10 years, according to a report. The current market size is about $700-800 million. The industry has attracted private equity investments of $4 billion in the last five years, leading to the emergence of global EdTech leaders.

What makes you stand apart from other institutions/organisations?

M/S DAD ADVISE is a world-renowned consulting and training providing India-based firm catering to global MNCs, MSMEs, SMEs, and Start-Ups. It has tie-ups with many established organizations and reputed companies. It has won many global awards and honours.


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