Discovery School of Honduras: Reinforcing Education with Personalized Curricula and Hands-on Experience

Discovery School of Honduras’ mission is to prepare students for the challenges of life and future academic work.

A private, international, and non-profit school, Discovery School Honduras located in Tegucigalpa was founded in 1994. The extensive experience of this school spans over 25 years and serves from Nursery to 12th grade. Discovery School of Honduras seeks to prepare graduates who demonstrate characteristics like, self-esteem, academic excellence, celebration of cultural diversity, critical thinking and social and environmental responsibilities.

Discovery School has a rich learning environment that stimulates students of all ages to be active participants in the learning process. The classrooms are organized to create cooperative learning and movement, facilitating the interactions between students and teachers. The campus has specialized classrooms for Music, Art, Spanish and French. It also includes a library, research center, modern Information Center, a gym, a mini soccer field, cafeteria and a nurse station. Early Childhood has a small equipped playground area for the students. Being accredited by AdvancED, the Honduran Ministry of Education and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State office of Overseas Schools shows the global recognition the school has gained.

The Torchbearer and Astute Educator  

Having an experience in the education field spanning over 25years has made Mr. Kenneth Davis the ideal leader and a seasoned educationalist. He holds a Master’s in Education from Framingham State University, a Certificate of Administration and Supervision with Technology from John Hopkins University and his BA in Mathematics from Ohio University. His educational experience has allowed him to work at international schools in Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatemala and most recently in Honduras, giving him ample knowledge of the Spanish language and the Latin American culture. While Mr. Davis has only been with Discovery for a year serving as the Head of School, he has already made his presence known with the community. The connections with students, parents and staff members have allowed him to open lines of communication with surveys, staff evaluations and even saying hi to all stakeholders as they arrive to school every morning. Currently, members are receiving targeted and directed professional development, students are receiving support for more sports, fine arts and academic accomplishments, and parents are involving themselves more in the education of their children with open conversations.

Student Customized Curriculum

As the name says, Discovery School was built around the concepts that learning is a process of discovery and that teaching and learning are developmental and lifelong passions. The school believes that the most meaningful education takes place through first-hand experiences. This tailor-made curriculum of the school integrates knowledge.

Discovery School has a progressive approach to learning which is very distinct from the traditional schools in its focus on exploration and inquiry, open-ended questions, hands-on experiences, simulations, experimentation, active participation, and collaborative student-teacher relationships.

Unique and consciously creative and innovative curriculum are the differentiating factors of this school. These strategic approaches are also the mere effort of the school to make learning fun, exciting, challenging, relevant, and long-lasting.

Below-mentioned pointers show the areas the school focuses on:

  • Student-Centered Learning
  • Development of the whole person
  • Rich Learning Environment
  • Emphasis on Learning Skills
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence
  • Experience Beyond the Campus
  • Dynamic, enthusiastic teachers
  • Nurturing social dynamics
  • Supportive Community
  • International and Cultural Diversity 

Encouraging students to learn more is the primary aim of this school. The school’s STEM projects, sports, fine arts, and all other disciplines are continuously working towards this goal. It allows the students to engage in group work, collaboration, and process-based results. The school recognizes that this philosophy has helped them to prepare its students for all of life’s challenges, be it, career opportunities or personal accomplishments.

Offering scholarships is the other step taken by this school to help its students achieve their goals and dreams. The school offers scholarships for the children of educational staff of the school which helps to create an atmosphere of ownership and involvement. Also, discounts on tuition are offered to multiple siblings of each family in an effort to help foment the community and family aspect at Discovery

The intimate and individualized community, small class sizes and a nurturing environment are the principles the school was built on. However, its continuous endeavor to educate students with value-based and experience-rich education, Discovery looks forward to grow its facilities to better enhance that learning environment for an even larger population of Honduras.

Embracing Diversity and Activating Harmony  

Being an international school comes with its own perks. The cultural diversity, one of the integral parts of any international school is the strength of Discovery School. With a student body representing 22 nationalities, the students can have first-hand experience of the richness of the world’s cultures. On a day to day basis, the students are constantly experiencing tolerance, kindness, and respect towards others. This is reinforced by classroom activities and emotional intelligence themes. 

Also, the multi-grade activities and projects allow a better interaction among the upper grades with the lower grades. The cooperative work with parents, teachers and students have resulted in many initiatives such as the Environmental Committee that works towards a greener school that is run by the students with the guidance of the teachers. The United Nations Day is one of the biggest festivities of the school. The international parents get together by nationality to present and exhibit their traditional dressing, music and food.

The Escuela para Padres (School of Parents or parents´ presentation), Host of the ABSH Assembly (Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras) (Every other year), Independence Day Celebration, Family Day Celebration, Discovery School Bingo are the other events conducted by the school that serve the same purpose.

Proficient and Skilled Alumni

Discovery School Honduras’ students, once graduated from the school have paved their way to well established colleges and towards successful careers. The school shares the success story of schools alumni with pride.

One such alumni of the school who has achieved the glorious success is Maria Estefania Bendeck. She studied Fashion Design in New York, at the prestigious Parsons “The New School of Design”. After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she returned to her home country, Honduras, and launched her own brand for shoes and clothes. She was also part of the initiation of the Fashion Design career at UNITEC, a local private university, where she is now the Dean of the Career.

Luis Brevé, the other alumni of the school studied Sports Management in the USA. He then came to Honduras and was hired by the FENAFUTH as the PR and Brand Manager for the National Football Team of Honduras.

The success tales of Victoria Glynn and Juan Diego Caballero follows right behind. Glynn is currently studying at Berkeley University. She is majoring in Environmental Sciences and her minor is on Science and Math Education. At her early age, she has received many awards and prizes for her achievements. The prestigious mBIO, the Journal of The American Society of Microbiology has published one of her collaborative works.

Caballero is currently a student of Kentucky University. He is a third-year student, double majoring in Economics and International Studies, with a focus of Latin America. He is a member of the Economics Society, the Global Network, and the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Alexa Henry Elvir and German Henry Elvir, two brothers and alumni of the school, have ventured into the world of photography and blogging. Their work has taken them to Guatemala where they are known for their amazing photo shoots and their famous blogs.

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