Dr. Anuradha Govind: Transforming Education with Dedicated Leadership
Dr. Anuradha Govind, Principal of JM International School (JMIS)
Dr. Anuradha Govind, Principal of JM International School (JMIS)

A remarkable educational leader spearheads with a moral purpose. They have strong faith in themselves and possess a learning attitude. Such leaders continuously guide and support their colleagues and students for their growth and betterment. They are driven by the motive of refurbishing education.

One such erudite leader with the zeal to learn and educate others is Dr. Anuradha Govind. She has more than twenty two years of experience in the field of education and about 15 years in the capacity of the principal. She serves as the Principal of JM International School (JMIS). With her intensity/diversity of work and achievements in different capacities in different prestigious institutions, Anuradha is committed to redefine learning. She aims to shift the focus from ‘academics alone’ to all round development of children, through her innovatively designed curriculum–‘SHIKSHANTARAM’, enriched with multifaceted learning experiences that foster creativity, talent, thinking, analysis, application, opinion making/sharing, and overall personality development.

An Accomplished Educator

Dr. Anuradha is a devoted educator who enjoys teaching children, guiding the parents, and training teachers through her workshops and training programs. She earned the bachelor’s degree in science from Delhi University, the master’s degree in environmental science from Indian Institute of Ecology, and PhD in education from the Commonwealth University.

Anuradha has been conferred with Exceptional Women of Excellence Award 2018, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ‘School Excellence Leadership’ National Award 2018, School Excellence Award 2017-18, Global Education Award 2017, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Award 2016, and many other international and national accolades. She has also received the International School Award 2011-18 from British Council, UK, for excellence in leadership and innovation in education. She has recently been at the Ed-Leadership International Roundtable and 1st Global Research Conference, to chair panel discussions on ‘Social-Emotional Learning in Schools’, ‘The intellectually stimulating design model’, and ‘The value based science education’. Dr. Anuradha is a prolific thinker, practitioner, a dynamic researcher, path-breaking educationist, transformational life-coach, and trainer for teacher development and team building.

Embracing Ingenuity and Development

Anuradha’s core strengths are innovation and creativity. In her vast experience in the field of education, she has been a pioneer in innovative and experiential teaching–learning methodology, designing and implementing innovative “child-centered curriculum” and “theatre in education program” for children. To escalate the impact of redefined education to more and more educators, she has been regularly conducting the capacity building workshops for teachers. In the coming years, she looks at extending her role further for extensive teacher-trainings across India as well as abroad.

About JMIS

JMIS has a global perspective in education, with internationalism in its curricular approach. This child-centered school of 21st century lays a lot of emphasis on educating children about self-confidence, accountability, empathy, and human values. With its futuristic vision, the institute aims at revolutionizing education and making the legacy reach out to every corner of India and the rest of the world.

A Social Activist at Heart

Anuradha’s social footprints can be seen regularly through her articles in newspapers and magazines, and her audio and video bytes on FM Radio and television. She has spoken at and chaired panel discussions at various national and international forums, conducting workshops for teachers, students, and parents in various schools and at different platforms. As the panelist with Fever 104 FM Radio of HT-Media Group in their ambitious mission, Bharat-Positive, Anuradha has regularly been on radio and has been instrumental in several social initiatives like road-safety, Mission-Parakram, Project Green Hearts, and so on. With YCF, she conducted positive mentoring sessions known as Awaaz, for the parents, at public forums.

Anuradha Spearheading JMIS towards the Pinnacle of Success

Under Anuradha’s transformational leadership, JMIS has been awarded ‘India’s School Merit Award 2018’ and ranked no. 1 in India for innovative teaching by Education Today. The institution has also received ‘Global Sustainable School Award 2017’ by GEAERD for promoting UN sustainable goals through education and several other honors and recognitions at national and international levels.

Prioritizing Education and Empowerment

Anuradha aims at overcoming the challenge of unlearning the conventions and embracing the change. As a school leader, to initiate this transformation, her first four immediate priorities have always been in-depth curriculum planning with its effective execution, strengthening of the foundation classes, teacher training and empowerment program, and building up a committed and passionate team with love for children and love for learning.

She states, ‘The Transformation of education, particularly in our country, is a mammoth task. While investing myself to the surfacing of this dream, my motivation comes from within, from the urge to see my each child succeeding in life, the growth index of my children, their beautiful inquisitive eyes & the overwhelmed faces of their parents – my humble contribution to skilled-India and its progress’.

Words of Wisdom

Sharing her opinions and advising the students, Dr. Anuradha states, ‘Optimize your life-skills to be the visualizers and designers of the empathetic, progressive & sustainable 21st century. So, give your education the purpose to make a difference to this world & create a beautiful tomorrow where everyone happily lives a life of dignity’.

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