Dr. Paul Dhinakaran’s SEESHA serves the people-affected by the recent monsoon rains this Independence Day at Nilgiris & Mumbai
SEESHA Relief intervention

• SEESHA provides relief intervention at Indra Nagar, Emerald, Palada and Avalanche hamlets from Nilgiris district and Ramgad slum in Mahim area, Mumbai

• Over 550 relief packages comprising of groceries and toiletries for 1 month were distributed

• 300 school kits were distributed to school-going children from the affected areas

• Medical camp was organized at Indira Nagar, Avalanche, Nilgiris in which 300 families were benefitted

• SEESHA team also cleaned and chlorinated a lake that was contaminated by the recent floods at Mahim area

Chennai, 16 Aug, 2019: SEESHA a non-profitable charitable organization founded by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran carried out relief interventions at Avalanche, Indra Nagar, Emerald and Palada hamlets from Nilgiris district and Ramgad slum in Mahim area, Mumbai, which were worst-affected by the recent South-West monsoon rains across India. SEESHA has been working towards eradicating poverty and developing downtrodden communities across India, irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion and race. Through various SEESHA projects, over 3,00,000 lives from urban and semi-urban slums, villages and tribal communities across India have been transformed.

SEESHA team undertook relief operations in Nilgiris district which was battered by the unprecedented heavy rains triggering landslides, submerging houses and trapping several people underground. On Independence Day, 250 families from Avalanche, Indra Nagar, Emerald and Palada hamlets received immediate relief assistance from SEESHA. Essential materials such as rice, wheat flour, cooking oil, sugar, biscuits, tooth brush, tooth paste, pickle, lifebuoy soap and blanket were distributed to the needy people. NSS cadets and scouts from Karunya Deemed University, Coimbatore also joined with SEESHA in the relief operations in Nilgiris district.

SEESHA also organised a free medical camp through SEESHA Karunya Community Hospital at Indira Nagar, Avalanche hamlet to treat the affected people as part of the first phase of relief operations. SEESHA’s special medical team provided free consultation and required treatment to around 300 families from nearby villages, in order to prevent epidemic outbreaks in the aftermath of the devastating floods. Recognising the needs of children who lost their educational materials during recent heavy rains and landslides at Nilgiris, SEESHA distributed school kit comprising of 14 essential materials including school bag, notebooks, pen, pencil, lunch box, water bottle etc., to 150 school-going students to continue their education without any break.

During SEESHA’s week-long relief intervention at Mumbai, the SEESHA disaster response team helped the displaced families from Ramgad slum in Mahim area, reach safe shelters during the incessant rains. Commemorating Independence Day yesterday, the relief team also distributed dry rations comprising of food, groceries and essential toiletries for one month to 300 families residing in the area, who are adversely affected by the torrential rains. SEESHA also donated 150 school kits to school-going students, who lost their schooling essentials during the floods.

The nation-wide network of SEESHA volunteers have been undertaking immediate rescue, relief operations across India, supporting various calamity-hit communities during their times of need.


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