Dr Riyas M K: Instilling, Exploring and Enjoying the Difference!
Dr Riyas M K
Dr. Riyas M K is the Director of Senfine Academy & such has been the journey of one of the most prominent educators, innovators, & rising leaders in the education space

All it takes is a little courage to conquer the quest!

Let that be for the seek of power, power of knowledge, or the strength of will. The world has seen many great courageous leaders who believed that everything they acquire must be passed on; that’s the ultimate completion of the cycle.

On top of that, those who realized and recognized this core superiority of humanity, having the conquers mindset of ‘I’m built different,’ helps to elevate above the rest with a sense of freedom and choice. And such has been the journey of one of the most prominent educators, innovators, and rising leaders in the education space Dr Riyas M K, the Director of Senfine Academy.

With an attitude of continuous experimental learning, Dr Riyas M K explored the digital field and salvation in the education sector. He decided to give everything he has and make knowledge easy and available for everyone through his brainchild Dr Riyas M K.

In our search for such pioneers in the education sector, we crossed paths with Dr Riyas M K and learned about the exceptional contributions, dedication, and influence in the Indian education paradigm.

Let’s dive into the indulging story of Dr Riyas M K below!

Choosing ‘The Road Less Travelled!’

Being a young teen still in his grooming years, finding himself on the staircase of knowledge and experiment with a ‘Fearlessly and Marvellously Made’ bridge of possibility to transform the nation.

Dr Riyas has implemented the knowledge and skills that he gained in his career and represented it to others through innovation and advanced programmes in his career journey in various domains like business, education, and leadership.

With his volunteer work in Malaysia, he has observed that education has been the potential bridge for transforming nations over the last decade. Moreover, the pandemic has exposed the possibilities and advantages of virtual learning to the world; during a hard time, Dr Riyas realized that it is time to establish connectivity of faith-based online and physical schools and programmes that would serve a hybrid learning approach to the students globally.

Nurturing and Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders!

When we ask Dr Riyas about the vision and mission that helps nurture today’s youth and inspire tomorrow’s leaders while asserting the vision and mission, he says, “Our field of vision is broad. Aspiration, educational excellence, structure leadership, social mobility, and togetherness are part of the package.”

“We aim to improve the academic performance of the country’s youth in schools and academies. Increase the chances of success for youthful individuals from all backgrounds who live in economically and socially marginalized areas, allowing them to achieve the most significant education levels, work opportunities, and professions. We are implementing a rigorous and demanding considerable influence on the development to raise educational standards. Offering foreign-collaborated programmes that can run in India at a lesser cost,” he further stated.

The Flame of Inspiration

Dr Riyas’s journey in academia was unusual; he initiated his educational journey at 17 while pursuing his bachelor’s degree. He began counselling students in Bangalore, and after a decade, he relocated to Malaysia.

In the country, he has worked with several top educational institutions as a senior academic faculty, international business development manager, academic head, examination department head, research associate, etc.

During his work, he also completed his PhD. And his dedication, extensive experience, and exposure to various international campuses built a strong network and collaborations with Asian and European Countries. Despite that, he founded ‘The Flame Foundation’ in Kuala Lumpur, an educational charity organization.

It is perhaps no surprise that despite having sound experience for almost 20 years in the educational industry Dr Riyas M K – has now been appointed as the Director of Senfine Academy for their operations in India and abroad.

Starting this year, Dr Riyas M K is a relatively new addition to the Senfine Academy. His primary objective is to use his academic and business experience to bring the various elements of entrepreneurial teaching and research together at the Senfine Academy.

“Heading to Senfine Academy is like being a participant of the Champs League,” he extols. ‘Entrepreneurship has a rich history at Senfine Group.‘ It began as a support learner with counselling and career progression and has managed to grow a strong portfolio of courses and research on the subject.

Dr Riyas, “This lays the groundwork for us to aspire big!”

For his immense contribution to the world of education, Dr Riyas has won the Title ‘Most Outstanding Educational Consultant’ Award from Asia Awards and Indian Educational Excellence Award in 2022.

The Modern Education Framework

When asked about the changes that might enhance the education space, Dr Riyas asserts, “The components that colonial educators incorporated into their educational systems remain in ours. It is not always about becoming a wealthy and powerful individual. The humanistic approach should be the topic. Furthermore, students must be given in-depth lessons about the ideals of life and instilled with enlightenment values. They must learn that wealth does not define success and that there is much more to life than materialistic things.”

The rise of edupreneurs in the tremendous Indian experiment has greatly benefited modern educational paradigms and skill-based education.

While stating further about the modern framework, Dr Riyas notes, “We are broadening our perspectives and integrating the most cutting-edge international educational methods into our frameworks.”

Speaking about the modern framework of education space, Dr Riyas says, “We believe that the mirror world, special internet, or even the AR cloud, which integrates virtual learning with augmented physical reality, will shape education in the coming years. Digital training will become more realistic with the help of the metaverse, which incorporates the concept of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR). As a result, we will initiate these different possibilities in our academy in the days ahead.”

“Our trainers create a warm, friendly, homey environment in the classroom so students can sense the compassion and affection present, which can then be seen in their behaviour. Later in their lives, the students will be alienated from technology, and to avoid that, it must be initiated at the start of their learning,” he added.

Integrating Global Opportunities

Higher education has adopted a brand-new framework that incorporates the ability to develop global awareness, and students get an opportunity to be culturally diverse and take equitable long-term actions. The Senfine Academy works hard for students to realize their potential skills; today, the academy’s students are getting global platforms.

Stating about the global opportunities, Dr Riyas states, “Our vision is to integrate world-class education into every aspect of our student’s lives, and strong courses, experience-based learning opportunities through internship opportunities, project-based research, public outreach, residential initiatives, and student-led initiatives are key components of that vision.”

Alternate Educational World

Over the last three decades, the academic world has observed drastic changes, and by 2042 the world will be very different from 2022. The digital wave has changed traditional teaching methodologies, and now the students will become the partners and cocreators of their learning. And technology has become an essential requirement for students to cope with future challenges.

Technology must be incorporated into the future of education to ensure that students are prepared to function in a technologically dependent world.

Individualized learning is needed to develop in students through teachers, as it will help the students learn at their own pace and engage with content that will help them in the future.

Sliding down the detailed information about the education space’s metaverse, Dr Riyas Postulates, “Grading is a waste of time because its only purpose is to identify who is at the top and who is at the bottom. Evaluations in the future will be evidence-based, with measures that allow for creating and personalizing learning plans.”

A Pearl of Wisdom

After sharing the complete information about the academy, Dr Riyas also shared his valuable advice to future educators; while asserting the same, he says, “Institutions frequently fail to engage parents because they do not believe that they can involve equally. A lot of it is based on perception. Educators agree that family members do not want to participate when, in fact, family members do not know how and where to participate. Notwithstanding this communication gap, parents and educators want to enhance their relationship, if only for the sake of the students.”

“Teaching effectiveness is one of the other complicated situations confronting quality education. The existing teaching methods for particular age stages, content knowledge, academic ability, and so on do not adequately account for the complexities of variables such as students’ different features. More differentiated teaching strategies are needed to train teachers to adapt instruction to diverse student abilities, learning styles, personality traits, and necessitates,” Dr Riyas concluded.

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