Dr Sangeeta Kalyani: On a Quest to Nurture Humanity
Dr Sangeeta Kalyani
Dr. Sangeeta Kalyani

India’s digital transformation and a robust startup surge have fuelled rapid economic growth across sectors. The agriculture sector, which is the backbone of the Indian economy, has not been spared, and the growth of AgriTech entrepreneurs has made this ecosystem more advanced, organized, and robust, benefiting its most crucial stakeholder, Indian farmers.

Innovative solutions, online marketplaces, refined supply chains, mobile apps, drones, and additional investments are not only empowering producers but also making resources more accessible, offering better prices, preventing waste, maximizing profits, building scalable businesses, and removing bottlenecks.

The AgriTech solutions are aimed at improving agricultural productivity and profitability by minimizing crop loss and wastage.

Today’s AgriTech businesses have sped large-scale tech adoption and eliminated numerous bottlenecks by refining the supply chain, particularly the inward supply chain, with the assistance of technology.

This tremendously aided producers in maximizing the use of their goods, expanding the reach of their agricultural products, and increasing sales by connecting them to internet markets. Furthermore, AgriTech enabled product grading, introduced online tracking and labelling in the supply chain, and minimized leakages, damages, and losses during transit via a considerably more efficient supply chain.

INDR Agrotech Pvt Ltd is one of those innovative businesses, started by Dr Sangeeta Kalyani and her team. Dr. Sangeeta is highly socialist personnel engaged with various organizations of social activities. She is working as a Yoga and Naturopath specialist, and she has treated so many people suffering from incurable diseases. She is an active member of Hari Om Yog Kendra.

Paying Back to the Society

In a view to repaying the debts that every human owes to nature, Dr. Sangeeta, along with other team members Mr Iqbal Hussain, Mr D N Salunke, Mr Nana Saheb Zakane, Mr Rakesh Mittal and Mr Shishir Maheshwari, started INDR Agrotech Pvt Ltd which is an ISO 9001 Certified DPIIT Registered Startup, MSME Company, engaged in manufacturing of Unique Agricultural Products after extensive research of Plants, Soil and Climate.

Generating More Awareness about Plant Nutrition

Currently, in India, farmers focus on the Protective method; that is, when crops are attacked, only then they go for the use of harmful chemicals, such as Insecticides etc., to protect crops. INDR Agrotech focuses on preventive methods, which are to make plants immune to various attacks by nutrition management. Changing the minds of farmers to follow new techniques and discard old techniques is very difficult. The team is working very hard to educate them through field demonstrations, results etc. The team is still trying to educate farmers and understand the benefits of plant nutrition management.

Manufacturing Unique Agricultural Products

Today, humans have done significant damage to the environment and soil. Soil pollution has deteriorated its quality by a lack of nutrients, disturbance in pH value, and hardening of soil. So, the INDR Agrotech Pvt Ltd team has developed soil conditioners that help the soil to regain its lost nutrients, balance its pH value and become soften again. And USP of this product is that it guarantees the softening of soil within 20 days.

Today, human immunity power is at its lowest, and they are facing new diseases every now and then. The main reason behind it is the consumption of non-nutritious food due to the use of excessively harmful chemicals in the form of fertilizers and insecticides. INDR Agrotech team is working towards preventive methods for crop production. It has deeply studied plants, their growth stages, its requirement, climate, etc. and developed Diet Chart accordingly. INDR Agrotech has also developed a nutrient-rich recipe for plants. Farmers following the diet chart and using its products have doubled their production with intact nutritional value and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals. So, INDR Agrotech is working towards providing healthy food.

This team has members with expertise in every relevant field. By properly managing the company, Dr. Sangeeta has helped it to grow continuously. She manages the operations and administration of the company.

An Inclusive Environment

INDR Agrotech enjoys its gender diversity as one of three directors, including Dr. Sangeeta, are women.

Dr. Sangeeta says, “Women are born managers. By managing their home, kitchen, budget and family members efficiently and effectively, they have proved that they are good managers by birth. By giving women equal participation in the job, educating them, and encouraging

them, women can rule the corporate world.”

Dr. Sangeeta is aiming to be among the top CEOs of the Corporate world. Her main goal is to help and educate farmers all around the world about soil, crop and nutrition management so that soil pollution can be eradicated, plants do not lose their nutritional value, and plants grow without the help of harmful chemicals. The company is in the top 10 agritech startup companies in MP.

Dr. Sangeeta’s story inspires all aspiring female leaders. She advises women, “Believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you. Just grab every opportunity, and you will rule the world.”

New Venture

Dr. Sangeeta is very passionate towards plant life, and hence she came out with a unique concept of a Plant Hospital cum Clinic cum Lab cum Chemist Shop where Farmers will be suggested Preventive Methods (Diet Charts depending upon Plant Growth Stage, Climatic Conditions and Nutrition they require) and Protective Methods (Insecticides etc., depending upon Plant Disease and Attack) by expert Plant Doctors, Plant Dieticians and Plant Lab Technicians.

There will be specialized testing equipment in the Plant Lab, and there will also be Plant Chemist Shops where farmers will get all the required nutrients, insecticides, fertilizers etc.

Future Endeavours

Dr. Sangeeta wants to open a Plant HCLC (Hospital cum Clinic cum Lab cum Chemist Shop) at each Tehsil/Taluka Place to help Farmers gain knowledge of Nutrition Management (Preventive Method) so that they can grow healthy farm crops with minimal or no use of harmful chemicals.

They will also be able to maintain the nutritional value of their farmland soil. The company aims to Grow Healthy, Eat Healthily, and Live Healthy.

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