Dr. Sanjib Chakraborty: A Visionary Working Relentlessly towards Transforming Teacher Education
Sanjib Chakraborty CEO Asian College of Teachers | the education magazine

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean”Ryunosuke Satoro

In life, each person lives to serve a different purpose, ultimately finding its own meaning. Dr. Sanjib Chakraborty, CEO of Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is one such personality with a strong passion for education making a difference in the world of teacher education. His professional journey started in 1994 as a corporate training executive from the city of Kolkata to becoming an entrepreneur and strategy consultant in Asia. He considers himself fortunate enough to live his vision by taking Asian College of Teachers to newer heights both in India and on foreign soil.

Dr. Sanjib holds a Ph.D. in Management Science from the University of Hertfordshire, UK along with two Masters – in Education (M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction Design) and in Business Administration. He also holds a Diploma in Learning & Development, CIPD, UK, & British Institute of Learning & Development, UK, and is a Certified Trainer from Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore. He regularly receives invitations to conduct lectures at several International Universities. With traveling across more than 35 countries, Dr. Sanjib has built his business creating successful collaboration with entities such as The Cambridge University and Training Qualifications UK (TQUK).

On its way to empowering teachers, ACT has evolved into a multiple award-winning institution with a Pan-India and global presence, 100+ courses and 30,000 + alumni achieving successful outcomes in a little over a decade. And, for Dr. Sanjib’s contribution to the society, he has been awarded Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce (Thailand) – Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 and at 26th Indian Achievers Summit New Delhi (India) – The Challenges of Economic Growth & Social Development Year 2010.

About ACT

ACT has carved a niche as Asia’s leading teacher-training institute and is a pioneer in the field of TEFL in India, earning a global reputation for providing internationally recognized and customized courses in the field of teacher education. One of its unique features is providing the students with the opportunities to learn anywhere and at any time in any mode be it online, distance, in-class or blended learning. This flexibility and instant access to course materials make career development a more reachable goal for aspiring and working teaching professionals.

ACT, the multiple award-winning institute, is registered in the UK with the Asian headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand with academic office in Singapore and boasts of branches in Indian cities of Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Its operations are spread across other Indian locales like Kerala, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Goa providing sprawling learning spaces supported by the latest technology. ACT has a PAN India presence and 600 school partnerships across Asia.

Hurdles in the Framework

While one searches for this meaning, they come across countless challenges and lessons, all with the goal of narrowing their focus. The same was for Dr. Sanjib when he established ACT. Initially, he faced difficulties in convincing people that teaching can be a lucrative career. Remembering the time, he asserts, “I had a hard time infusing that conviction among teachers in service that they can actually have a fulfilling career besides making a difference in the lives of young people”.

However, against all odds, he convinced people around him and set up ACT. Dr. Sanjib reveals that he always dreamt of building an independent teacher training institution free from the shackles of the administration and the confinements of regulations. An institution, which can provide the best in teacher education, be it content, skill development, instructional strategies, and cater to the growing breed of future educators who are competent enough to bring innovation in their classrooms.

The Teaching Mantra

Dr. Sanjib’s aim has always been to prepare reflective educators and not just teachers who have a better understanding of the needs of the learners as well as the teaching concept and skills, educators who can think on their feet. He believes in his students and has greater faith in their abilities. He constantly encourages them to dream and set goals according to which, he conducts classroom activities or discussions by sharing his own dreams with them. Making your students believe in themselves is a crucial part of teaching and training.

Future Roadmap

ACT will continue to deliver the best in terms of teacher education and is currently in expansion and transformation modes. It is reaching out to more places, expanding to smaller towns and have plans to transform into a major centre for teacher empowerment, teacher development and preparing teachers for new generations. “We are also eager to act as a platform to bring in global educational leaders and international educators who can add value to teaching and teacher education”. Dr. Sanjib is also keen on building the capacity of his staff / trainers and partners in the coming days.

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