Dr. Tromp and A Team of Specialists Discuss The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education
Artificial Intelligence

Boise State University’s President, Dr. Marlene Tromp, recently addressed faculty and staff on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education and the questions educators should consider as these tools evolve. The university emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to address these questions effectively.

A panel discussion was moderated by Jen Schneider, the assistant dean of the College of Innovation and Design, featuring panelists with various expertise:

Steven Hyde, assistant professor of management in the College of Business and Economics.

Amy Vecchione, assistant director of research and innovation for Boise State eCampus.

Brad Weigle, clinical assistant professor in the College of Innovation and Design.

Sarah Wilson, academic program integrity director in the Office of the Dean of Students.

Boise State’s AI in Education Taskforce is offering several initiatives to engage educators with generative AI tools and explore their implications for teaching and learning. These initiatives include:

Artificial Intelligence 101: This workshop provides an introduction to AI tools that generate text, helping participants understand their capabilities and limitations. Educators can explore how to use these tools to enhance teaching and address students’ use of AI.

Preparing for Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: This week-long asynchronous seminar explores the impact of AI on teaching and learning in higher education. It is open to all faculty, regardless of their teaching mode (in-person, remote, hybrid, or online).

Boise State University aims to equip its faculty with the knowledge and resources to adapt to the evolving role of AI in education, fostering a collaborative approach to address the opportunities and challenges posed by these technologies.

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