Ebenezer Group of Institutions’- Management College: A Legacy of Excellence in Management Education
Ebenezer Group

What comes to your mind when you read the word ‘Technology’? Does it come across as a specific constant term or a vivid complex one?

Perhaps, you might visualise the recent cutting-edge developments in AI, Gadgets or Automobiles that seemed an impossible dream in the past. But the future has arrived, at least for those who have witnessed the modern technological transition globally.

So factually, ‘Technology’ and its reach could be viciously boundless, and it can even expand beyond most remarkably distant human dreams.

It is a fact that technology might even advance drastically, and its by-products reach even the most remote corners of the world. As such numerous amazing possibilities keep sprouting, the expanse of business and global industries will also rise.

To harness these possibilities, the visionary– Ebenezer Group of Institutions- Management College has been striving to harness the best advancements in education and technology to create future leaders.

As The Knowledge Review came across the Principal of the college, Prof. S Vijaya Kumar, who helped us reveal and contemplate the methodology, advanced pedagogy and futuristic vision of the prestigious organisation.

Ebenezer Group of Institutions: Redefining Excellence

The Ebenezer Group of Institutions is a pioneering educational institution have established an impeccable two decades of track record in imparting exceptional knowledge that knows no bounds. Prof Vijaya Kumar says, “Education without skill makes less or no impact.”

Therefore, the Ebenezer Group of Institutions strive to sharpen young minds with practical knowledge and experience. This is ensured through the latest technology and developments in the subject. The institutes are equipped with the finest tools and infrastructure required to enhance the students’ abilities, that too, on a lush green, spacious campus and a growth-inducing environment.

The Ebenezer Group of Institutions’ primary aim is to produce intellectually skilled and groomed professionals for global competition. The organisation bolsters the systematic construction of syllabi that cater to international and national demands to make the world a stage for its students.

While elaborating on this innate philosophy of the eminent organisation, Prof Vijaya Kumar says, “Ebenezer Group of Institutions is located in Bangalore, where people from every ethnicity, culture, language and walk of life feel welcome. We don’t follow the traditional teaching models. Instead, we focus on your holistic development, Experiential Learning, Industry Integrated Education, Cultural Activities, Club Activities, Sports, Social Work, and much more, guaranteeing you three years of fun-learning experiences.”

Institute of Management

The Principal of the College of Management, Prof Vijaya Kumar, is an able, efficient and dynamic leader who has won widespread appreciation in the professional arena.

Over the years, Ebenezer Management College has developed its own distinct identity. Established in 2010, It is the primogenital management college in Bengaluru, India. While speaking about the same, Prof Vijaya Kumar asserts, “The hallmark of this identity is not to walk on the compacted path but to strike new routes; not to benchmark, but to be benchmarked; to be second to none, but to be the first to respond to the needs of the people and the nation; taking up tasks that are bold, but necessary, that which upstart has hitherto taken up.”

Ebenezer Management College has always had and maintains a global outlook. We were the first among management schools in India to internationalise our academic programmes. Renowned personalities, distinguished industrialists, academicians and stewards of Bengaluru Ebenezer Management have been part of the institute as leaders, administrators, faculties and guides. True to its vision, Ebenezer strives to offer an education that just does not culminate in a mere degree but inspires future business leaders to respond to the unmet needs of society.

Leading the League

As the management of the institute suggests, a critical characteristic that differentiates Ebenezer students from other management colleges is a distinction – a quest for the best, never settling down for mediocrity and always aspiring to excel. They relentlessly strive for more, for something better than the best.

Ebenezer Management College is a top-performing College in Bengaluru. Aside from outstanding academic success, the college, its faculty, staff and courses have won numerous prestigious awards and accreditations in recent years. This shows that quality and excellence run through everything the organisation intends to do, making it the best choice for students and other associated agencies.

Innovation in Learning: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and AI

Ebenezer Management College has several University affiliated program such as – BBA General, B.Com General, B.Com Logistics, BBA Aviation and BCA General. Apart from these courses, the institutions also provide some Ad On courses such as- Crypto Currency and Portfolio Management, Data Science and Block Chain Technology, Aviation and Port Management and many more. Explore the best online learning platforms to
access a wide range of courses and expand your knowledge in diverse

These advanced Ad On courses hone students to expand their expertise in scpecialised fields which has great future prospect.

For an example, as Prof Vijaya Kumar explains, “Students can benefit from crypto by learning what it is and why it is here. Purely on the fact of being technically literate coupled with the willingness to learn new things. The crypto space is a fantastic opportunity to understand fiat currency, fractional reserve banking systems and government ties to corps. The knowledge is out there and free to learn. The most beneficial aspect of crypto today is the time you put into it. It may seem to go against the norm in many ways, but that’s the value. The time is now to learn how coding and developing programs will impact the future.”

The technology that allows self-obtaining learning data where student data like credentials, personal information, and skills learned are stored on a blockchain and not owned by any central administrator like schools or universities is truly revolutionary. Also, a student can store and access the data lifelong and ultimately control the data. Simultaneously this ensures that the data provided by the students are accurate, and it creates their credibility with their employers.

According to Prof Vijaya Kumar, the current innovations also allow developers to train a computer to do complicated tasks. This can help improve the teaching and learning processes; however, it’s not intended to replace the teacher or professor. Artificial intelligence provides some surprising benefits for learners and educators. The opportunities are elaborated below:

Self-paced Learning Opportunities

Youngsters spend a lot of time on the go and prefer doing everyday tasks using their smartphones or tablets. Artificial intelligence-based applications allow learners to study during free time, spending a few minutes on a task. Also, learners can get feedback from teachers in a real-time mode.

Personalised Learning Opportunities

Artificial intelligence-based solutions can adapt to the learner’s level of knowledge, interests, and so on. The system tends to help learners with their weaknesses.  For instance, before starting to use an app, the learner takes a diagnostic test; the app analyses the responses and provides suitable learning activities.

Classroom Management Strategies

There are four levels in these methodologies:

  • Level one: Recollection and reproduction
  • Level two: Knowledge application
  • Level three: Strategic thinking
  • Level four: Extended critical thinking

Formative Assessment

  • Occurs through chapter or unit
  • Improves how students learn
  • Covers small content areas
  • Monitors how students are learning
  • Focuses on the process of student learning

Summative Assessment

  • Occurs at end of chapter or unit
  • Evaluates what students learn
  • Covers complete content areas
  • Assigns a grade to students’ understanding
  • Emphasises the product of student learning

Active Learning

In today’s business scenario, cross-cultural awareness and networking has become important for management students who need to have updates about international markets. Speaking about the strategy of the Institutions, Prof Vijaya Kumar explains, “Currently, it is important that we offer global exposure to students through international exchange programmes, foreign internships and foreign trips.

To bring a global orientation to the teaching-learning process in the classroom, Ebenezer Management College has designed program delivery to expose students to cultures and business practices in different countries.”

Stern Measures for the Future

The Ebenezer Management College believes that global exposure is the key to success in today’s economy, and the same is inbuilt in the course design and delivery through;

  • Faculty Exchange Programs
  • Foreign Internships
  • International Industrial/Exposure visits
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Focus on soft-skills
  • Humanities will remain relevant
  • Encourage teachers to be innovators
  • Encourage digital literacy
  • Use new and emerging technologies

The Ebenezer Group and the Management College strives relentlessly to keep advancing on every facet of its teaching- learning and infrastructure and strategies to ensure the best for its students.

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