Education Dept Launches Innovative Video Series on Happiness Curriculum

Experience Unprecedented Joy!

The Education Department is sharing the video series featuring its Happiness Curriculum with top universities and institutions worldwide in order to seek feedback and suggestions to further enhance and enrich the content. The series, which consists of 36 episodes, was launched by the Delhi government on Sunday with the intention of helping educators around the world understand the purpose of life and how to utilize education to achieve it. Thus, the Education Department is striving to bring life’s purpose to the forefront of education through this unique initiative.

Through this series, educators will have the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the importance of purposeful learning and its impact on their students’ lives. By collaborating with top universities and institutions worldwide, they can explore the power of education and its role in helping individuals understand the purpose of life. This series can help enrich the Happiness Curriculum with the best practices from around the globe, thus providing educators with the knowledge and tools to empower and inspire their students.

It is an extraordinary accomplishment of Team Education that they have managed to create these videos in such a short period of time. This commendable move by the team will make the philosophy of the Happiness Curriculum accessible to people from all around the world.

To ensure that the message of the Happiness Curriculum reaches a wider audience, these videos will be available with subtitles. This is a bold and meaningful step of the Delhi government, through which people can gain the right direction and learn to truly serve humanity.

Atishi, the current holder of the Education Portfolio in the AAP, lauded the initiative and said,

This is a very significant initiative of Delhi’s education department, through which people will be able to get the right direction and learn to serve humanity in the truest sense.”

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