“Education is a catalyst for Growth,” Mr V Lakshmikumaran, at ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education
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“Education has a larger context and is not merely for teaching and giving knowledge. It imparts several tools that can be used in the latter part of life,” said Mr.Lakshmikumaran, a leading litigating lawyer and Managing Partner of M/s. Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys, New Delhi. He was delivering the 9th Foundation day lecture at ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) campus in Hyderabad on February 08, 2019. Dwelling on the importance of education as an engine of growth he said, “Education is a tool that can be used to develop something phenomenal.” He said that there is a direct co-relation between GDP and education.

“The growth achieved through education is beyond creation of financial wealth and economic growth,” Mr Lakshmikumaran noted in his speech. Speaking to a packed audience of students and faculty members, he extolled the role played by the founder of ICFAI Group, Sri N J Yasaswy. He questioned the students about their role, in acquiring the knowledge that is being imparted to them by the faculty. He told them the best way they could thank their teachers was to share their experience with the other students. He enthralled the audience with his knowledge on vedas and slokas. He even recited few and explained the meaning to the students.

He said that Right to education is essential for every citizen and is a part of right to life. He said that the education sector needs to be prepared to face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the changes in technology. “The artificial intelligence will play a big role in transforming human life”, he added. In the Q&A session, Mr. Lakshmikumaran shared a short story about the importance of the teacher-student relationship. “In Mahabharata war, after the fall of Bheeshma, Dronacharya was made the commander–in-chief. Duryodhana went to Dronacharya to know about his reaction about the development. Dronacharya said he was very happy about the new role and also said that it will end by tomorrow. Duryodhana was bemused and sought clarification about this statement. Replying to him Dronacharya said, Tomorrow I will be facing Arjuna, and I am sure that he will end my life, even if I fought with all my might. Because, as a teacher who had trained him, I know that he is better than me”. “That is what every teacher will have to try. They should strive to make students who are better than their Gurus”, he added.

Dr C Rangarajan, Chancellor of the University, presided over the function. Agreeing with Mr Lakshmikumaran, Dr Rangarajan said, that better education brings in quality, which results in better development of the country and take advantage of the demographic dividend. He emphasized the three dimensions of education – Access, equality and quality. He also stated that “A teacher will convey; A good teacher will communicate; But, a great teacher will inspire the students”.

In his welcome address, Dr J Mahender Reddy, Vice Chancellor, IFHE, recalled the contributions made by Sri Yasaswy in building a great institution and setting it on the path of excellence. In his concluding remarks supporting what Mr. Lakshmikumaran has spoken, Dr. Mahender Reddy said, quality tertiary education is necessary to build the economy.

Mrs Sobha Rabni Yasaswy, Chair Person, ICFAI Society, Mr V R Shankara, President ICFAI Society, Directors, faculty and students attended the event in large numbers.

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