Education Tools for the Educators

The process of evolution in education has undergone a plenteous change within the last decade. Now the educators are striving hard to cope-up with the pace of development. So, to enhance the class room education environment, educators are now integrating technology into their instructions and work routine. As internet has become an inevitable part of education, using web based education tools is gearing up with the trend. Here are some of the web based platforms that are focused on making education- an intriguing process.

Sharing and Collaborating

For sharing and collaborating, apps like Google drive and Dropbox helps to create presentations, collaborate on a document, make beautiful drawings or design spreadsheets. These apps enable users to easily store docs and PDFs and share them with others. They also provide automatic syncing features.


Socializing helps educators to connect with like minded people to share knowledge. Apps such as Twitter and Google Plus are proven web tools which help to connect users from all round the world.

Book Marking Tools

If bookmarking is an issue, then apps like Pinterest and Edshelf comes to rescue. These web tools help educators to bookmark, organize and curate digital contents into pin boards that can easily be shared with their students.

Cloud Based Presentation

Cloud based applications like Prezi and ThingLink facilitates educators to create presentations and embed them with different websites and blogs containing images, links and videos.
Gaining Knowledge through Videos

Platforms like TED Ed and Wevideo helps to take any educational video and create a customized lesson based on that video. Educators can also distribute the lessons publicly or privately and track their impact on a class or an individual student.
By using these web tools, educators are exploring new opportunities for powerful information sharing and ease of collaboration.

Sagar Bhattacharjee

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