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The institute seeks to nurture the innate musicality within everyone; develop their ability to create and play music whilst encourage music sharing

In today’s society, singing and music play a major part. Music is present throughout our lives in many ways: in theatre, TV, films, worship, holidays, festivities, and ceremonies. In homes, music is a natural component of our everyday interactions and has become a component of our family cultures. The earliest childhood exposure to music enables kids to talk more, create a greater vocabulary, and reinforce social and emotional abilities. It has the capacity to reinforce the connection between body and the brain to operate together as a team.

Conclusively, music plays a crucial role in your child’s development by helping them to strengthen their cognitive and motor abilities. Hence, it is very crucial to indulge your child in music from early childhood days. Recognizing this early childhood needs and instilling quality music education in students is the Eight Tones Music School, which was established in 2014 and founded by local Singaporean musicians, for musicians.

The school offers specialized curriculums that are extensively thought out by accomplished musicians in their respective fields to bring out the student’s greatest potential, making class fun and effective. With Chinese music becoming more mainstream in Singapore, Eight Tones Music aims to engage with like-minded individuals, young or old to nurture their passion. It strives to foster a community where music lovers can interact and gain insight into this art and find a cultural footing for people seeking Chinese music. Learning Chinese music helps to increase the exposure of Chinese culture to English speaking Chinese families’ children at an early age. It helps in the learning of their mother tongues.

A Bravura Curriculum

The schools’ curriculum is designed in such a way that the principles of Chinese music are infused with the modern Singaporean’s lifestyle, where modern and progressive meet the Classical world. According to the school, it is never too late for anyone to begin their musical adventure, ‘let your music become an extension of your personality’.

Chinese Pop Instrumental

Even with no musical background, Eight Tones Music Schools’ pop music course will equip your child with the essential technical skills on the various Chinese Instruments. Pupils will learn through its pop-based course material and specially tailored curriculum to play their favorite pieces. Additionally, the school has progress track features that send periodic updates to the scholars for effective learning.

Instrumental Courses Available

  • Dizi
  • Erhu
  • Guzheng
  • Hulusi
  • Xun
  • Liuqin
  • Pipa
  • Ruan
  • Sheng

Music Theory

The schools’ music theory deals with the study of concepts and structures within musical works. It instills a strong grounding in music theory, which is essential for any serious musician, as it sets the groundwork for a strong understanding of music.

The Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra (SNYCO), Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO), and tertiary music schools such as Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), School of the Arts (SOTA), and LASALLE College of the Arts, etc., list music theory as an imperative entry criterion. Once again, the school sends periodic updates to the scholars for effective learning by its progress-tracking feature.

These lessons cover the ABRSM or Trinity syllabus from complete beginners to diploma and beyond.

Chinese Instrumental Lessons

Eight Tones Music’s team will tailor the Chinese music lessons to fit the needs of each and every individual.

Goals for the Chinese Instrument lessons

  • Just for leisure
  • Chinese Instrumental Grading Exams
    – NTU Confucius Institute Exams,
    – NAFA Central Conservatory of Music
  • MEP “O”/” A” Levels Examinations, ​
  • Direct School Admissions

This curriculum is designed for children to adults. The school offers both group classes as well as individual classes.

Aural Skills

These lessons cover various aspects of ear training and sight-singing, including melodic and harmonic dictation, fixed and movable solfege systems, rhythmic training, interval, and harmonic listening, clef-reading and transposition, tonal and postonal topics, tailored to the level and needs of the individual student.

Composition Courses

The school provides high-quality training in the art of music composition, according to the student’s individual stylistic and aesthetic preferences.

Academic Tuition

‘O’ & ‘A’ Level Music / MEP Tuition / IB Music

The school states that music at these levels can be demanding and difficult to ace. Hence, its teachers equipped with the highest distinction will tailor lessons to best suit the student needs and lead them to achieve their relevant goals.

Accompanying this robust curriculum are the school’s high-quality materials to create a better acoustic environment within the confined space. They also have hydraulic weighted music stands as well. The school provides instrument and accessories sale and rental services to its own students as well as to the public so that they can get the best well-tuned instruments for their own practice or exams/performances/competitions. Furthermore, the school also encourages students to take part in external performances and to watch and learn more to appreciate Chinese music culture.

As far as the future is concerned, the institute is hoping to adopt more systems to streamline its lessons bookings and also expand the number of rooms to address overcapacity issues.

About the Managing Partner

Aaron Ang, Head of School, runs the Eight Tones School of Music. He is a regular orchestra performer and has served as sectional principal of the Toa Payoh West CC Orchestra and in the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra. He currently has a lot of Erhu learners. He is also trained in the sector of IT and handles all of the school’s computers and structures.

A Proud Alumnus

Arryl Tham who was taught at the Cambridge O’level Higher Music Program was granted an A1 with the distinction grade. Eight Tones Music School organized set-up for its practical test and also provided extra instruction for the written materials.


There is nothing strong about any Institute than its pupils’ word of mouth. Here are some of the prestige students who are much happy with the schools’ teaching:

 “My pipa teacher at Eight Tones Music School is patient and engaging. Learning my first instrument with him was easy and classes with him are always something to look forward to!”


“The Teaching Team at Eight Tones Music School helped me score A1 with distinction for my O level higher music examinations and made the process very engaging and enjoyable”


“The lessons at Eight Tones Music School are fun and engaging. Lessons have never been a chore but something to look forward to! Now I even make my own Erhu covers on YouTube!”


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