Elsa Khalil: A Fervent Edupreneur Committed to Enhancing Education
Elsa Khalil
Elsa Khalil | Founder | Khalil Services

Technology is drastically changing the way people learn and will continue to do so. As a result, schools around the globe are adapting to these technologies in order to prepare students to engage in the dynamics of the 21st century. And many of us depend on teachers or educators to achieve the same.

However, it is not only the teachers, principals, or educators who navigate students to the right path. Education consultants also serve the same purpose and influence positive educational change. They have a diverse skill set that allows them to work along with administrators, teachers, and parents at all levels, creating opportunities where kids’ natural talents can flourish.

In our attempt to understand more about such educational influencers, we interviewed Elsa Khalil, the Founder of Khalil Services. Being an education consultant herself, Ms. Khalil enlightened us about her role in the vocation of education and how she is impacting the lives of those around her.

To understand it better let us hear from her how all of it began.

“I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s in Cellular and Molecular physiology from the Holy Spirit University (USEK), after which I travelled to Canada so I can specialize in Immunology at Université de Montréal. Studying in Canada was such an amazing experience and opened many opportunities for me to explore the world! Some people might think that studying abroad is an easy thing; I have worked hard in order to reach this level in my life and, just like everyone else, I’ve always wanted to gain from others’ experiences.”

“So, I decided to share my own experience in helping others achieve the same things I did. And so I initiated the process of becoming a certified International Educational consultant, which I can tell you was no easy task, but all my hard work was rewarded and I completed it and earned my ICEF certificate – CCG#00735. And Ever since, it has been my honour to help more than a hundred students to achieve their dreams in Canada since 2018 till nowadays.”

Now that it was established what inspired Ms. Khalil to be an educational influencer, we were intrigued by her enterprise and what purpose it served? Hence, we asked the same, to which she replied,

“Concerning my company, Khalil Services, I invested a lot of time and effort into making it one of the leading International Educational companies in the region. Also, my team and I are now able to handle all different types of processes that you as a client might need help with. Our job is to tackle any obstacle our clients might face and we also work on ensuring their comfort. Furthermore, our company can treat all types of applications regarding the Canadian processes to obtain the final acceptance. Our students our main concern; we take great care of their admission applications. And if you’re wondering: we provide you many services such as

visa permit, medical coverage, accommodations, Airport pick-ups, language tests preparation, and entrance exams courses.”

Having a better understanding of Khalil Services, we were now interested in knowing why her company focused more on universities in Canada?

Her answer to this was, “Canada is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world—and it’s currently the best country for quality of life. Choosing to study at a college or vocational school in Canada not only enables students to receive an internationally recognized education, but it is also about choosing a career-oriented experience that is in-tune with the ever-changing global market.”

She then shifted her focus on why there is a need for an education consultant. She continued by saying, “Hiring an educational consultant can fast track your career to success, a statement that can’t be stressed enough. In my opinion and after a lot of experience, an educational consultant is someone who can console, provide advice, and most importantly guidance.”

“Educational consultants will surely be a trusted link between the students and their abroad university or institution, which will make the whole process as simple as they can.”

While we now know in depth the duties of an educational consultant, we were intrigued to know about the challenges Ms. Khalil had faced as she had chosen an entrepreneurial journey rather than associating with any educational institution as a consultant.

Her answer to this was, “Coming from a scientific background with no previous experience in business and management, this whole idea was no doubt one of my biggest fears and challenges. I was so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who are experts and have a good amount of experience in the field.”

“This is when I decided to work hard so I can acquire all the needed skills, which allowed me to invest most of my time in this personal development journey. Additionally, being a 24 years old lady who is establishing her own business in a community that concentrates on men more than women was a challenge itself. However, I faced all obstacles, achieved my dream, and invite all women to believe in themselves and their potentials.”

“Khalil Services was on my wish list but now it is one of my ‘go big or go home’ achievements. Khalil services’ main goal is to help all Lebanese and Middle Eastern youth to pursue their dreams and explore the world. I’m confident in our future, which is paved with various accreditations to different countries all over the world, increasing our services, and expanding our teams, branches, and reach.”

Before concluding this insightful and inspirational conversation we asked Ms. Khalil to give a few words of motivation and advice to aspiring educators and entrepreneurs.

She concluded saying, “Being an entrepreneur and influencer in the field of education is hard work. This is where I advise all readers who want to take part in this field to be sincere with the ones they’ll be working with, love their career and appreciate the little achievements they

make, and always be in competition with themselves; work like you’re your own and only competition. If you follow these steps you will surely succeed just like I did.”

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