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Despite the fact that pressure continues to increase on education budgets around the globe, the education sector is adding up its investment in technology related to learning. With that in mind, here are top trends in ed tech to keep on your radar screen in 2017 and beyond:

Online corporate learning. It is believed that employees who build their professional training skills are more likely to amplify their productivity. Therefore, increasing number of companies are realizing that there’s great need in furthering their employees’ knowledge in ways that are cost-effective, flexible, and tailored to each individual’s needs.

Online corporate learning leverages employees in every industry and at any level to sense the power of customized training, 24/7, on any device. So, there is a great demand for the platform  which has been developed by professional Instructional Designers and feedback from users should be fantastic. The system should also give your employees opportunity to study their own evaluation of progress through assessments – and generation of feedback is must in order to improve.

Platform’s design should be clean, simple and intuitive. While a platform may have an impressive library of tools, resources, and courses, modifications requirement is still necessary to  to meet the specific needs. So , it is always recommended to have customization options when you create professional training courses.

Alternative learning styles. Students today don’t need to just rely on text-based or even video-based tutorials. We don’t say traditional methods are no more effective but new types of learning styles are emerging which offers online learners more interactive experiences like writing code directly in the browser, or accomplishing online challenges which helps the learner to grow.

With Code School’s unique approach of stop video and practice what you’ve learned through a series of interactive and challenging coding challenges and assessments–all in the browser, is more engaging, fun, and effective than plain video. A mobile app is also there, which facilitate users to watch and review videos on-the-go to complement the code challenges and online learning. This is something interesting and interactive learning style that you can anticipate to see much more in the education segment.

Online competency-based training. A blend of competency-based training approaches and online learning is creating a revolutionary approach to education. It incorporates customers, right technologies, and business model. Competency programs has expectations from students to have skills learned on the job, through life experience or via career certifications. Competency-based learning is a helping hand for online students fill in knowledge gaps through self-study around specific areas. Mentors and study material are available which cut back on time and money to complete a degree. Students need to keep in mind, they have resources to turn to if they need help in a course.

Flipped-learning tech. A flipped class is a combination of learning outside by watching video lectures outside of class to learn content online, and then inside the class they do their homework  with the guidance of teachers. This unique approach engages students outside of the classroom as well as in it.

A popular software for flipped learning is screencasting tools. This allows the teacher to record whatever is on her screen while simultaneously recording her audio, and in some cases, her webcam. Screencasting is an easy entry point for teachers who already utilize interactive white boards, slide decks, or other presentation software. Some teachers use the screencasting software while teaching live, and by the end of one year, they’ve created a library of instructional content.

-Pooja Jain

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