English Schools Foundation: Creating the ideal conditions for students to thrive, nurturing them to be the best they can be.
English Schools Foundation

“Our mission is to nurture happy, kind, and engaged young people to be confident, articulate global citizens. We do this b y creating the IDEAL conditions for students to thrive”

With over 8,000 glittering skyscrapers, Hong Kong’s skyline is one to marvel at. Its tallest building, reaching almost half a kilometre, is the International Commerce Centre or ICC. Crowning the building is the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong hotel. The location of the bar and swimming pool on the building’s 118th floor, make them the highest in the world.

These mega-structures are the glory of Hong Kong, but they are not the only source of this beautiful city’s eminence and why it attracts a high calibre of human capital. Located around this bustling city is one of the biggest premier international school organisations in all of Asia – The English Schools Foundation or ESF.

ESF is the largest provider of English-medium international education in Hong Kong, encompassing 22 schools and enriching the lives of o ver 18,500 students e very school da y. Its 2,500 teachers are recruited from around the world for their skills, qualifications and international outlook.

Vision and Mission

ESF’s vision is for e very student to be the best that they can be.

Their mission is to inspire creativity and nurture global citizens and the leaders of the future. ESF believes that this is achieved by recruiting the best teachers – and giving them the freedom to create learning experiences, which enable every single student to be a confident and successful learner.

“Every child learns differently. An ESF education is focused on encompassing real-life skills, such as creativity, critical thinking and problem solving with academic excellence”

ESF creates the ideal conditions for students to be kind and happy, learning and engaged. Students are encouraged to care about themselves and others – their family, friends and communities – both locally and globally and to think critically about the world around them and their contribution and place in it.

An ESF education is an education worth having, focused on academic excellence and encompassing real-life skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving.


ESF offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in all of its schools, developing internationally-minded citizens who help to create a better world. ESF offers continuity of learning from the earliest years of kindergarten through to university entrance.

ESF shapes the IB programme to provide e very child with a personalised educational experience.

This personalised learning pathway embraces the interests and passions of the students and guides them to get the very best experience and outcome from their education.

ESF also offers the IB Career-Related Programme (IBCP), which provides accelerated pathways to students with specific talents and interests.

ESF works in partnership with a range of external organisations, which include the Savannah College of Art Design, the HK Academy of Performing Arts, the International Culinary Institute and the Federation University, World Academy of Sport.

Students often receive fast-track acceptance to specific universities or courses because of their participation in the IBCP.

Students are at the Centre

At ESF, everything we do and every decision we make is about the students. We continuously ask what we can do to enhance their learning experiences and to meet their needs,” said Belinda Greer, CEO of ESF.

“Our strong sense of community is one of our biggest assets. We work in partnership with our parents to ensure the very best educational experience for their children”.

Supported by a Board of Governors, Belinda Greer has the overall responsibility for ESF’s 22 schools and its thousands of students.

“We provide every child with personalised learning experiences, planned to help them grow and develop.”

Accessible to all Students

Class teachers work in collaboration with specialist teachers and educational assistants to provide individual and small group support to students with additional needs.

Teachers and therapists at Jockey Club Sarah Roe School (JCSRS) provide a highly individualised curriculum for students with complex needs.

ESF Sports, Language, Arts and Camps

To enrich learning beyond the classroom, ESF Sports and Language offer a range of extra-curricular activities and camps. ESF Sports provides world-class coaching to students of all ages and abilities in football, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, basketball, fencing, sailing and more.

Whether a student just wants to learn a sport to have fun and stay healthy or to compete, the specialist coaches know how to support them to achieve their personal best.

ESF Language and Learning provides a range of fun and interactive English, Spanish and French classes, and playgroups for its youngest learners.

Students and Alumni Testimonials

Pia Wong

South Island School class of 1994 South Island School Council Member: Parent Representative

“The ESF community feels like a big family. Not only did I have amazing friends at school who I still meet every week, but I also meet fellow alumni when I travel overseas, which is really quite special.”

“I always felt that the teaching was really good. My teachers brought out the best in me. I know they pushed me hard, and I always felt nurtured, protected, and safe. Ultimately, that’s why I chose ESF for my own child; I know they have the same experience.”


Year 11, Island School

“I think we have a really welcoming attitude. In class, I feel comfortable to ask any questions, and I know that even outside the classroom, my teachers will offer me support. Having that comfortable relationship with them really encourages me to speak up and not be afraid to take risks and embrace challenges. I know that my teachers will always have my back.”


Year 11, Discovery College

“At ESF, they bring you out of the classroom and put you in real-world situations where you don’t learn just about science. You don’t learn just about Maths or English. You learn about cooking, sewing, and the importance of art, drama, and music in your life. That’s something that I value so much – the support of staff, teachers and my family.”

“At ESF, everything we do and every decision we make is about the students. We continuously ask what we can do to enhance their learning experiences and meet their needs”

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