Escuela Preparatoria Central de Ciudad Juárez: Fostering a Timely and Safer Educational Environment
Escuela Preparatoria Central de Ciudad Juáre
Escuela Preparatoria Central de Ciudad Juáre

Mexico’s educational landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by diversification of offerings, research and innovation, international collaborations, and a commitment to sustainable development. As Mexico’s institutions continue to evolve, they are not only shaping the future of the nation but also contributing to the global pool of knowledge and innovation. Through the embrace of change and the pursuit of excellence, Mexico is solidifying its role on the international stage of education.

Escuela Preparatoria Central de Ciudad Juáre (EPCCJ) is at the forefront of the changing reality of the country.

EPCCJ began its activities in 2002, at the initiative of a group of people with social recognition and extensive background in the field of education, grouped in an association called ‘Escuela Preparatoria Central de Ciudad Juárez, A.C.,’ with the purpose of providing an education of excellence to young middle school graduates with high academic performance and who, due to their limited resources, could not afford it.

That was not an easy task since it was necessary to find spaces, teachers with a high level of preparation, economic resources, and students who met the profile to achieve the objectives and vision. The initial plan was to provide scholarships to every student who came with the expectation of having a space where they could develop their academic skills, participate, and excel in the different school areas, and EPCCJ has fully complied with this objective.

Ensuring Academic Excellence

The EPCCJ consistently has achieved high academic performance, positioning itself among the best high schools according to national and international assessments and competitions. As an example, the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) exams, led by the OECD, and PLANEA (National Plan for the Evaluation of Learning), led by the SEP (Secretary of Public Education).

EPCCJ has been ranked first in the state and among the top 4 in the country. However, due to the growth of the project, a great demand for applicants from all socioeconomic levels has taken an interest in joining this institution. It has now reached the current maximum capacity of students.

EPCCJ offers an option of excellence in high school in all the formative processes, incorporating knowledge, methods, techniques, and languages that allow students to assimilate state-of-the-art technologies easily. It also follows up closely on students where areas of difficulty are observed, making sure that every student has the opportunity to succeed. Having a solid focus on Sciences and the English language as well, which guarantees the student’s level of knowledge exceeds the standards established for admission to national and foreign universities.

EPCCJ promotes comprehensive and inclusive education, embracing diverse learning needs and backgrounds that prepare students to: nurture a scientific and technological culture, cultivate ecological consciousness, and integrate a culture that values and upholds human rights. EPCCJ also develops their capacity for interaction, analysis, critical thinking, and dialogue, both in the construction of knowledge and in their personal development.

It offers a well-designed and challenging curriculum that is relevant and aligned to high educational standards and inspires students to think in a deeper and more critical way in all areas of knowledge.

Reinforcing the Areas of Difficulty

EPCCJ believes in following up with each of the students to reinforce the areas of difficulty, not allowing them to drop in their academic performance, and giving them a space with the necessary tools and tutoring.

EPCCJ has the profile of excellence and qualified teaching staff who have the necessary professional preparation and experience in their area of knowledge, as well as the necessary updating in teaching tools and innovation and passion for education—providing the necessary support to students guiding them to critical thinking and effort, accompanied by the necessary values to be distinguishable citizens and agents of positive change within society.

It also has the profile of students focused on their academic growth combined with the high expectations of learning and the right internal processes to reach the perfect synergy in a supportive environment of collaboration and violence-free.

Technological tools that support the teaching-learning process are a key factor that contributes towards the success of EPCCJ.

EPCC provides scholarships to students facing financial vulnerability yet who demonstrate exceptional academic performance, thus ensuring access to outstanding educational opportunities for all.

Fostering Academic and Integral Development

The strong and visionary leadership that leads with example establishes clear goals and fosters a positive school. The administrative team of EPCCJ supports and provides resources that allow the institution’s activities to be carried out in a timely and safe environment.

EPCCJ gives special attention to academic and integral development. The profile of students enrolling in it is focused on their development, looking for improvement, and academic challenges. The EPCCJ has been free of situations that plague many of the local schools: drugs, gangs, or bullying. It bases its actions on strong values. It promotes a respectful classroom culture, constructive feedback, and student autonomy.

Creating an Atmosphere of Inquisitive Participation

Students participate in activities where they feel a healthy competition with their peers and strive to learn more. They also feel encouraged by critical thinking, creativity, and the environment. There is a constant atmosphere of inquisitive participation and the pursuit of learning, and a safe physical and emotional environment. After periods of intense work, students are guided in physical activity, which allows them to reduce their stress.

EPCCJ focuses not only on academics. In the first semester, classes in sports, art, theater, reading, chess, dance, etc., are offered free of charge, where they can distract themselves, relax, and practice any activity outside of academics that catches their attention. In addition, inter-semester conferences are given to all students on emotional intelligence, economic development, or topics of current interest.

An Inclusive School 

The EPCCJ has a collaborative alliance with the State Human Rights Commission that trains all its staff. This prepares EPCCJ to be an inclusive school, free of violence and discrimination, with values and respect for human dignity. The EPCCJ also has a program coordinated by the state government (CAPA) to promote the mental health of students and detect the risk of addictions, assessing and monitoring regularly the students being able to address any concern in a timely manner.

Workshops are constantly given to students to improve their socio-emotional well-being and decision-making. Likewise, within the regular classes, students have a qualified counsellor that orientates and addresses social and emotional challenges, where they can express their doubts and concerns throughout their high school journey.

EPCCJ has a technological platform where parents are informed about any relevant information. However, it also has open and regular communication channels to ensure that the entire community has access to such information (email, phone calls, meetings).

Meetings are held at the beginning of the semester in which its coexistence agreement is clearly communicated so that the entire EPCCJ community is informed of the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the EPCCJ, students, teachers, and parents or guardians.

In particular situations, personalized communication is held to address specific issues. They are always following the established communication protocols to ensure respect, order, and safety.

The EPCCJ, throughout its history, has consistently received academic excellence recognition every year. Among the most recent ones are from the previous semester; first places were obtained in the region and state in History of Mexico, Mathematics III and IV, Entrepreneurial Project, Chemistry I and II, Fine Arts and Drawing, Literary Composition, Declamation, Oratory, Theatre, Individual Singing, and Instrumental Performance.

As well as first place in the Physics and Biology Olympiad. In addition, its students occupy the highest acceptance rate of students in the bachelor’s degree in medicine at the UACJ (Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez), as well as other majors in local and foreign universities. The most prestigious and sought-after scholarships from Tecnológico de Monterrey and UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) are obtained by EPCCJ students.

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