Europe’s 2021 Digital Innovators Transformation Report: The Key Findings
Digital Innovators

Contino has partnered with Tech London Advocates to compile this list of top tech leaders and personalities who’ve managed to implement digital transformation success and the full report can be found at,

The individuals from this list have been included on merit following their commitment, expertise, and reputations in spearheading digital transformation in their businesses. In this article, we take a deeper look into some of these innovative leaders.

Europe’s 2021 Digital Innovators

Jon Braithwaite

Braithewaite is prominent in Compass Group in the UK and Ireland. It is the largest contract foodservice company in the world employing over 500,000 people.

Compass is quite a diverse organisation, amassing more than 6,000 retail units and restaurants across the UK. The organisation’s nascent digital reflected their number, including when the company added 11,000+ point-of-sale systems throughout various providers. Thus, encouraging poor data profiles.

Following Jon’s digital attitude and expertise, however, Compass’ estate grew to a data and insight-driven company, encouraging optimal customer servicing. The starting phase of the transformation demanded redesigning the critical systems and migrating to the cloud. Jon combined various systems in Amazon Web Services for unison communication, making Compass a data-driven organisation.

Today, Compass Group UK&I is a fast-growing company that knows the secret behind the turbo-fast response to business and customer demands, using multi-channel digital solutions and a unique data-driven strategy.

Fumbi Chima

Two years as Adidas’ CIO, meet Fumbi, a diligent digital transformation innovator residing in Germany. Recently, however, Fumbi moved to a Seattle-based credit union, occupying the position in BECU.

Fumbi prioritises building a close customer relationship. Her concept appeals to discovering consumer needs and designing suitable products and service standards while taking out friction points.

Working at Adidas, this digital innovator optimised her approach by stirring towards a hyper-product-centric operating concept. Fumbi disintegrated vertically aligned technological and organisational architectures, starting from the peak to base. She mapped horizontal technical and organisational architectures, constituting cloud-supported product structure.

At BECU, a traditional credit union where Fumbi moved to, she envisions reproducing her masterclass strategy, including discovering and developing products that satisfy consumer needs, following data analytics.

Matt Davis

Matt is the head of cloud engineering in Lloyds Banking Group. He arrived in the organisation in 2017 and has since assisted in establishing an Open Banking Platform.

Following Matt’s expertise, he leads Lloyds Banking Group through multiple technological initiatives, constituting designing what would encourage public cloud container technology for faster development. Matt consistently responds by showcasing how valuable the cloud is in the business, further providing optimum security.

Matt was allowed to proceed with developing a new 100% cloud native for Lloyds’ to enhance transformation, the Cloud-Native Engineering (CNE), which Matt describes as the “true engineer’s platform.”

Matt’s vision advocated speedy products and greenfield apps development on several PaaS services, including Kubernetes.

Today, Lloyds Banking Group boasts one of the most robust and highly secure digital platforms, allowing engineers to write and release new code within a few minutes, compared to traditional platforms that take 4 weeks to a few months.

Gary Delooze

To create a change, you must become Gary Delooze, the CIO, Nationwide. Gary’s typical approach towards establishing changes is “listening”.

Gary love’s being social and seizes every opportunity to learn what works from colleagues and other meaningful digital innovators. He roots his vision on simplifying the organisational structure such that it demystifies isolated teams and removes excessive third-party reliance.

Meanwhile, transforming Nationwide’s most crucial asset has been a major challenge. What is Nationwide’s most vital asset? It’s unique “loyal culture”, which Gary advocates change following simple steps by experimenting and iterating. Thus, encouraging teams to realise the relevance of digital innovation over top-level imposition.

Gary’s commendable knowledge results in Nationwide’s nearly 50% in-house IT prowess, propagating cost and lead times reduction. For example, when payment holidays were mandated during the first phase of COVID-19 lockdown. Moreover, Nationwide satisfied the digital demand within 10 days.

Chris Zissis

Chris is the CIO at JLL. He has envisioned and piloted digital transformation over the last three years in JLL. The business world needs just a few hundred more of Chris to attain its highest level.

On one occasion, Chris motivated and led his team to design a global peerless digital technology platform. The team released the data augmented JLL’s speedy data-driven product iteration, alongside thoughtful product, and service strategy.

Chris describes his approach foundation as outcome-based strategy, which encompasses top-level to base, including the engagement of colleagues and clients. He upholds the foundation of his principle with a cross-functional team, which he says, “can literally move mountains.”

Following Chris’ expertise, JLL is now an authority in the digital market. During the COVID-19 lockdown, JLL had contributed immensely by introducing a free-flow and flawless integration of a substantial acquisition; a stage competitor would find difficult to attain.

Final Thoughts

The objective of this report is to assist with pinpointing the futuristic and digitally driven solutions across all business facets and organisations. This report also shares the best practices from these prestigious names to encourage the tech space to attain newer and height.

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