Excellence in Higher Education at Affordable Cost

Marked by Greek, Slavic, Ottoman and Persian cultural influences, Bulgaria occupies one of the top ranks on the Global Peace Index, 2019. The country also boasts of its rich heritage of art and crafts and the Black Sea Coast is one of its important identities that is famous for the sun, sea and sand.

But Bulgaria is much more than these. The education system in Bulgaria stands out in more ways than one. Studying abroad could not have been more attractive in any country as in Bulgaria, with its excellence in higher education at extremely reasonable rates. The Bulgarian Universities are improvising ways and means to better their education system and attract students from across the globe. Good quality education that is inexpensive and recognised the world over, affordable cost of living are what foreign students would ever want.

Also, being a safe country with no gruesome crimes reported, Bulgaria seems to the best bargain an international student can have.

The country has over 98 % literacy rate and education is compulsory till the age of 16 years for the local students. And this rate is equal for both male and female population.

While the country is known for its excellence in higher education, it also has lot of job opportunities for freshers seeking for it. In fact, even students have a great opportunity to earn while learning throughout their higher education. Innovative and creative young minds in Bulgaria are aplenty and hence this country is also known for its start-ups. Students can stay back in the country and work after they complete their education.

This being a very affordable country as compared to other European countries, students wanting to study in Europe find it very pocket friendly.

One good thing about Bulgarian Universities, which every student wishes for, is that it accepts students with different grades and not just the ones who have the top grades unlike in the other European countries where top grades are preferred.

Besides, all the certificates from Bulgarian universities are recognised internationally which makes it a smooth sail for students wanting to study further in other countries or seeking a job anywhere in the globe.

Even student accommodation is cheaper than other European countries. One may choose from the variety of options like student dormitory, university accommodation, or private apartment.

Education is imparted in English, French, Germany, Bulgarian languages making it easy for local as well as foreign students.

This country may not exactly be the most sought-after tourist destination, but it is definitely sought for higher education where it has already made its mark and is constantly on the way to improving itself.

If you are planning to study abroad, particularly in Europe, then Bulgaria is the right country at present. With online education, one can resort to distance learning from anywhere in the globe until the Covid-19 pandemic is brought under control or is eliminated. It is just a matter of time when the campuses would be opened and bustling with students.

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