Expert Consultation and Brainstorming Session on Water, Food, Health and Energy at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences on 18.2.2020

Considering the social relevance of Water, Food, Health and Energy, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences identified these areas as the focal areas for its academic, research and extension activities. There has been a recognition that the overall economic and social security of humanity depends on security in the areas of Water, Food, Health and Energy. Therefore, the need for a Consultation and Brainstorming Session to identify the problems, appropriate modern technologies, policies, extension programmes and funding sources was recognized. There were 27 experts from various academics, Government Organizations, NGOs,  research organizations, Entrepreneurs, Consultants have gathered to discuss the  problems, technologies, solutions and action research on these focal areas. The experts after a brief introduction and meeting with the members of the organizing committee visited the laboratories of Karunya where research on Water, Food, Health and Energy is being carried out. Thereafter, the experts in the focal areas participated Consultation and Brainstorming Sessions in the presence of a few select faculty members of Karunya.

There were four rounds of discussions dealing with the following aspects:

1) Problems of the concerned focal area

2) Advanced technologies and research gaps in each of the focal areas

3) Suggestions on appropriate policies and regulatory mechanisms in the four identified areas and also need for extension activities, transfer of technology, interventions, awareness creation, pilot studies and action research

4) Funding sources and agencies in each of the four sectors

The Chancellor of Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran enlightened the relevance of the four main thrust areas of the institution; Water, Food, Health and Energy. He mentioned about the reengineering process of the whole syllabus and teaching process to meet the needs of society and the care homes and SEESHA paves way to the bigger picture of bringing communities to Karunya. He also stressed on the need to stay relevant and to channelize all research that would unravel the very essence of Karunya which means Compassion.

The session continued with discussions on current advancements in Science and technologies and the research gaps on these focal areas. Finally, theconsultation session revolved around the idea that research should fall under research problems and not departments and thus instilling the importance of interdisciplinary research in KITS. Particularly, Dr.Srini KAVERI has mentioned about the problem of development of anti-bodies for the microorganisms which will be a major threat to the next 20 years down the line.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, Chancellor of Karunya Institute of Technology of Sciences, Mr. Samuel Dhinakaran – the trustee,  Dr.MannarJawahar – Vice Chancellor, Dr E J James, Dr T Lazar Mathew, Dr.Ridling Margarat Waller – Pro Vice-Chancellors and Dr. R. Elijah Blessing – Registrar participated the consultation and brainstorming session on Water, Food, Health and Energy.

Dr.Dinesh Peter

Associate Professor, KITS


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