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“We strive to be a caring, learning community which nurtures students to fulfill their God-given potential”

Located in the ‘Durian Capital’ of the Philippines, i.e. Davao City, Faith International Academy (FIA) is an internationally famed Christian school that is known for its educational excellence. The primary motto of this ace academy is to fulfill the educational needs of families belonging to Christian ministry. However, it also accepts meritorious students coming from other communities and nationalities. There is a significant student population at FIA that comes from influential business, NGO and diplomatic backgrounds. With a student population of about 150 in K-12 comprised of different nationalities, this school offers a dynamic and diverse learning environment to its students.

In order to spread quality education and bring transformation in the lives of many, FIA has kept its fees very much affordable. The highly qualified and absolutely committed staff of FIA is what makes this academy unique. Its staff always assists students to grasp the concepts in a lucid manner and help them to develop  ademically.

To honor the commitment of its staff, FIA provides various incentives, discounts and other facilities which are making a significant positive development in the lives of the staff. Lunch discounts, travel reimbursements, and professional development funds for gaining new skill sets or renewing professional credentials are a few of its incentives which are loved by its teaching staff.

FIA has grown and changed over the years. Faith Academy Davao, accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), first started in the 1980s as an elementary and middle school (grades 1-8) satellite campus of Faith Academy, Inc. In 2008, Mindanao International Christian Academy, also accredited by WASC, joined Faith Academy Davao to form Faith Academy Mindanao, under the auspices of Faith Academy, Inc., thus providing a K-12 education.

In July 2014, FIA was recognized as an independent international school by the Philippine government. In January 2015, FIA established its own identity through a Memorandum of Agreement with Faith Academy, Inc. for governance, and property. FIA developed foundational documents, hired employees, and adopted a logo, school colors, and school mascot to establish its distinctiveness. Although under various names, FIA has been providing a biblically-based, American curriculum for missionary and other expatriate families for over 20 years.

From the Prism of History

This school has a rich and endearing history which reflects its success saga. The roots of this school are linked to the late 1950s when Faith Academy (FA) in Manila was founded as a school for missionary kids. After its inception itself, this academy has delivered cutting-edge education. It was the result of its innovative learning methodologies that helped Faith International Academy earn a reputation of an ace institution amongst the missionaries and expatriate families. From a moderate student headcount in its early days, today it has a diverse student population. During its entire journey, this academy has been blessed with many top educationists. Teachers and principals worked hard to prepare students for future success. Under the steward leadership of its highly committed staff, this academy has witnessed transformation and renovation over the decades.

This academy has seen upward expansion and developed a state-of-the art infrastructure for the benefit of its students.

FIA continues to provide a quality, international, Christian curricular and co-curricular program to the children of families in ministry and other students in the Davao international community.

Notable Accreditations

In 2017-2018, the K-12 principal and interim head of school, Jennifer Lindemuth, led the self-study process as part of FIA’s re-accreditation. This was FIA’s first self-study as an independent institution. In December 2018 FIA was recommended for a full re-accreditation by both the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Adding more gems to its crown, FIA has been frequently praised by industry veterans for their fiscal responsibility, exceptional and well-maintained facilities, and the strong relationship bond which this academy shares among students and its staff.

State-of-the-art Amenities for Students’ Holistic Development

In today’s hypercompetitive world, only gaining the core expertise about a subject does not help a student for long. Communication skills, extra and co-curricular activities, emotional intelligence amongst others are also equally important and play a pivotal role in shaping one’s career. Numerous classrooms, two science laboratories, two libraries, an art room, a performing arts center (including an auditorium, stage, music room, and a classroom), a playground and a covered basketball court, a soccer field, and a gymnasium (including the basketball court, weight room, locker rooms, and space for spectators) are serving the students to nurture their overall personality. These resources along with its excellent staff help facilitate the ethos on campus of love of Christ and respect for others. Positive relationships are critical in education, and FIA is blessed with a school community that values and demonstrates these relationships.

Diversified Opportunities 

Faith International Academy’s curriculum is primarily American; however, the school encourages their students to learn about and be part of the Philippines. Filipino Culture is taught by native Filipino teachers to the elementary and middle school students. Many of these lessons are conducted in a fun, interactive style, involving food, songs, games, and simple language lessons. Grade six students also spend one month studying the history and geography of the Philippines during their social studies class.

Some students interact with various Filipino communities through the ministries of their parents. In addition, there are school-sponsored service opportunities. During Outdoor Education the middle and high school students spend time interacting with and serving various Filipino communities in various ways such as by presenting kids’ programs (songs, games, etc.) and helping with building projects. Each September the school raises funds to donate to a local ministry. In recent years, these funds have helped to supply food and other necessities (laundry soap, etc.) to a local orphanage.

Rainbow of Offerings 

FIA seeks to develop children’s character not just their ability to pass exams. FIA students develop creativity and become: 

Creative and Critical Thinkers who:

  • Search for and integrate God’s truth in all aspects of life and learning
  • Solve complex problem
  • Analyze, interpret, evaluate and synthesize information

       Self-directed Learners who:

  • Pursue truth through studying the Bible
  • Understand and apply a body of knowledge and skills
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity
  • Access information as a tool for lifelong learning

       Proficient Collaborators who:

  • Work and learn cooperatively with others
  • Show respect for commonalities and differences in areas such as cultures and points of view

        Skillful Communicators who:

  • Interact with information and ideas through listening, speaking, reading, writing, using technology and symbolic representation (pictorial, graphic, musical, etc.)
  • Learn and convey biblical concepts and truths

        Faithful Stewards who:

  • Understand the need for discipline and balance in all areas of life
  • Contribute their time and talents to serve their families, communities, and all nations
  • Take care of the resources God has entrusted to them

Extra-curricular Activities

Outdoor Education (OE) is an integral part of the FIA curriculum for middle school and high school; participation by all students is expected.

The school thinks that outdoor education is important as it moves students out of the classroom and into a practical learning situation.

The purposes of OE are:

  • To serve the Filipino community in practical and interactive ways
  • To promote the spiritual development of students and to challenge them to expand their understanding of God’s role in their lives
  • To provide educational experiences about the development, culture, and/or geography of the Philippines
  • To build unity within the student community
  • To challenge each student to better understand his or her gifts and abilities

Middle School: Middle School OE is done in conjunction with Faith Academy Manila in February. The venue rotates from historic Corregidor, to Taal Volcano, to the Subic jungle.

High School: High School OE is organized and planned by the FIA staff and usually takes place in the second semester. The venue rotates between different locations on Mindanao depending on the focus that year.

Accomplished Alumni

Graduated in 2012, Marisa Tillman is one of the brightest stars in the galaxy of its notable alumni. She will complete her Masters of Public Policy and a Phd. in Jurisprudence from the University of Minnesota in May of 2019. Her notable activities include Treasurer of the Minnesota Justice Foundation University of Minnesota Chapter and Human Rights Advocacy Project, 1L Advisory Officer, 2017-2018.

“Words of Trust”

“Teachers actually invest a lot time into you and care about your needs, wanting you to excel in school. Overall this is really just a great school and I’m so glad that I’m here!”   Aashirwad Kataria, 12th Grade

“I think what’s blessed me most at Faith International Academy is the unity that a small high school brings and how close I am with the people in my class.”   Daisy Moffit, 2018 Graduate

“Faith International Academy is awesome! There are well maintained facilities and air conditioned classrooms. Although those things are good, the community makes this school. It’s a fun, loving community that I am happy to be part of.” Anthony Santos, 8th Grade

“One thing I like about FIA is that we can meet different friends from different countries. By meeting them, we can learn about their culture and language. They can also learn my culture and language.” Dan Youn, 8th Grade

“Unlike other schools, FIA is unique, especially its classes. My teachers are very kind. My favorite subject is science. I know you would like it here too. I hope you come here.”  Alliyah Uy 4th Grade.

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