Fantastic Careers and Where to Find Them
Fantastic Careers - The knowledge review

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to Learn, no one can STOP YOU” – Anonymous.

This year’s blockbuster that grossed more than $200 million at the box office was another masterpiece from the novelist J.K. Rowling, an Arts graduate from the University of Exeter.

With that staggering of a number and that scintillating thought, we give you a short list of careers that are considered ‘unconventional’.

Creative Writer

It loosely extends to those writing features, fictional and non-fictional novels, biographies, short stories and poems. Technically it is anything that is original in composition. As per a study they make around $37,154 on an average with the maximum figures touching billions.

How to be one:

This one has a fairly conventional track with universities and institutes sketching a fairly professional curriculum all around the world. The real challenge however, comes when you are ready with your first article. Get ready to face a lot of rejections and skepticism. It’s all part of an important chapter called character building.

Wine Taster/Sommelier

With 30 distinct organic acids, 23 varieties of alcohol, more than 80 aldehydes and esters, 16 different sugars, assorted vitamins, minerals and other components, it is a role which is strategically on par with that of the Executive Chef. A Master can earn as much as $160,000 a year

A professional taster looks for the balance of sweetness, sourness and bitterness to give it the highest possible grade.

How to be one:

There is no official wine governing body, but there are some widely accepted certificate courses which may go on for a few weeks or years of training. Apprenticeship is another option where one needs to buy wine for stores or restaurants. One can move up in ranks purely based on experience.

Another honorable mention is that of a wine maker who holds a bachelor or master’s degree in chemistry, biology or oenology from any major University.

Look out: Wine academy, Sommelier Guild or association

Disc Jockey

With $66 million Calvin Harris tops the List of Forbes’ highest paid DJs.

Need we say more! It is a job full of glamour, exhilaration, travel, fame, money and of course, music. Anyone with a flair for music and the right attitude can become the soul of the party. But like the rest, be ready for the initial days of struggle.

How to be one:

You will find undergraduate programs almost everywhere thanks to the rising demand of these professionals from the ever increasing number of party animals around the world. You will need to constantly update yourself with the latest trend of the music world and also the latest developments in the software. Starting as an intern with small jigs is the best advisable thing to do. Reputation matters a lot in this field.

Fitness Trainer

The earnings fairly depend on who you train and how you train them. It ranges around $90,000 to $70,000 if your clientele includes athletes, celebrities and other famous personalities. This is a career that proves to be especially rewarding for all the fitness freaks out there. They can really put their years of Gym tryouts and lessons from various workouts for the benefit of others. Most of these famous trainers have their source of incomes diversified from holding special talks, writing blogs and books or producing their own Video Tutorials. With an ever increasing number of health conscious population this will always be a perennially in-demand profession.

How to be one:

There are various certificate programs ranging from 80-100 hours of your time. This can be entailed by taking a verified exam to further increase your credibility as a professional.

Further increase in your list of clientele would depend upon your pleasing personality and understanding of various body types and the workouts they prefer.

And the most important criteria would be to be Fit Yourself.

For those who didn’t find any of these to their liking, here are a few Honorable mentions:

Tea Taster, Chocolatier, Bar Tender, Pet grooming, Under-sea Diving, Event Management, Video Jockey, Radio Jockey, Image Consultant, Game Designer, Ethical Hacking, Wildlife Photography, Adventure Tour Operator, Food Critic and Explorer, hair stylist, fashion choreographer,  accessory Designing, stand-up comedian, musician, artist, tour guide, dancer, English Teacher in a non-English speaking country, Politician, Couture Designer, Auctioneer, Wine Maker, et al.

While you tread through these paths less travelled, do remember this quote by Jim Rohn

“Formal Education will make you a living; Self-Education will make you a fortune.”

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