Fine Arts and Commerce: Making Humans More Human

These two broadly classified sectors, fine arts and commerce, often provide a brief outlook on how humanity has evolved through the ages. In this highly digital and modern world, one sector is necessary to feel alive, while the other is responsible for keeping humanity moving forward.

If we tie the two end knots of this same rope, with an eye on the history of human evolution, Fine Arts serves as a timeline keeper, while commerce facilitates fluidity of transactions. The wall paintings, incarnations on the wall, and ancient sculptures on the temples are all proof of how the civilisation evolved into what it is today. On the other hand, the commercial sector means business. Starting from the barter system, the system itself evolved, and the concept of commerce and business was developed. The ruined marketplace present in the remains of the ancient Vijayanagar empire in Hampi traces the footprints of commerce through prehistoric times.

However, as the world got slowly structured in a way that everyone at any given point of time could understand, prominent fields got categorised, synchronised and sewed a way that held every thread of all the industries together. The connecting thread between all these industries that remained prominent was the education, and education institutes were serving those sectors effectively.

While the evolution of education to what it is today can be a complete edition on its own, it can be summed up that the needs of people shaped the system to what it is today. Having said that, as people started turning toward their fields of interest, many prominent educational institutions were established to cater to their needs.

The modern world changed the code of conduct of business, and art being a timeless concept, evolved as a contributing factor in everything seen today. With a vision to keep the world moving forward and developing an art form that defined this modern era of humanity, The Knowledge Review magazine came out with this edition, ‘Eminent Fine Arts and Commerce Course Providers, 2022’.

This edition focuses on the Fine Arts and Commerce Course providers, that are effectively driving the change in these commercial sectors and helping the modern-day artists to create art that would commute the message of the timeless and ageless message of humanity.

Hope you get what you are looking for in this edition and have a happy read!

Ashlesh Khadse

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