First Review of Early Childhood Education Started by NZ Ministry
Early Childhood Education
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The criteria of reference for the sector study into early childhood education (ECE) by the new Ministry for Regulation were revealed today by Minister for Regulation David Seymour. The Ministry’s initial review will be this one.

“Issues with affordability and availability of early childhood education, and the complexity of its regulation, has led to urgent calls from the sector to conduct a review,” said Seymour.

“With the help of ECE services, parents and families may comfortably leave their kids in the hands of others so they can focus on their voluntarism, employment, or study. In particular, it helps parents who would like to return to the paid workforce.

There have been reports from various centers across the nation that educators and caregivers are occupied with dealing with regulators and preparing reports and plans on ridiculous topics such as the possibility of apples falling from a playground tree, the first aid certificate hanging on the doorframe’s right side rather than above it, or the train driver honking at the kids as it passes by every morning, much to the amusement of the kids but to the dismay of the noise pollution police.

Although I wish they were made up, these examples are true.The harm that the current regulations were intended to avert has occasionally not been prevented.
“Clearly there is a need to assess the relevance and impact of regulation with the health, safety and wellbeing of children as the priority.”In order to identify the issues from the ground up, we will formally interact with educators, daycare providers, parents, caregivers, government agencies, child advocacy organizations, unions, research bodies, and other industry participants.

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