Fisherman Music School: Tutoring Students in a Melody of Musical Learnings

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach the man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”

Initiated in the year 2004, the Fisherman Music School, situated in Singapore is known for its name based on this very quote. They believe in a method of teaching that is long lasting and allows the students to be prepared for a world that is extremely competitive. They do not follow rote learning or involve in spoon-feeding their students while guiding them in the right direction towards their musical aspirations. The children are prepared right from the start to find their own paths and discover their own perceptions in learning.

Insight into the Institute

The private school is registered under MOE and constantly seeks to provide the best quality of music education for its students. There is consistency on maintaining a record of their progress while also bridging the communicative gap between parents and teachers,

The school is constantly looking out for other avenues and a plethora of opportunities that can give the students an exposure into the music industry. They are also given the chance to participate in various competitions and contests which act as a medium through which they are able to gain even more experiences. Every student of the school is able to find the chance to be taught 1 to 1 with the teachers. Group learning is also encouraged with a maximum of 3 students in a class.

Dreamers and Founders

It is interesting to learn that this musical institute was initially the creation of Mr and Mrs Yong Chee Ong but with the aspirations of Ms Tan, it was taken a notch higher. Her immense love for music led her to gaining possession of a music school where the newer generations are taught new age music. Her dreams saw the light of day even further when a good friend of hers Ms. Hill joined her in this venture and together they were ready for the music industry and to spread the love for it to others as well. The founders till date have been kind enough to provide some much needed advice to the Directors while also encouraging their passion and elation towards music.

Wide Range of Melodic Courses

FMS is a haven for those young kids who possess immense potential in the field of music and in the use of the various instruments. The school provides training in a variety of musical instruments which are listed below.

  • Piano: Every student interested is given a chance to run their fingers on the black and white keys and learn to create some beautiful tunes with it. This being a fantastic instrument is also the most intricate which makes it an interesting choice for the students. Children from the ages 5 and above are given training in this instrument.
  • Music Theory: This provides the students with schooling in international rhythmic language which also helps them create and compose music. It also provides them with even better understanding in the intellectual aspect of music. The age group for this particular course is 8 years and above.
  • Kiddy Music Course: The course allows for music to slowly envelope the children and nurtures their love for it. In this course students are told stories of various popular composers and are given knowledge about the variety of equipment found in an orchestra. The age range for this is from 3 to 5 years.
  • Violin Course: This string instrument is one that easily piques the interest of many children. The children are in this course allowed to strum music through the strings while learning to create and strike a chord with music loves. Students from the age and above can pursue this course.
  • Flute Course: A flute is a complicated instrument yet something that can create some mesmerizing tunes. This is exactly what the students are made aware of and taught that the sound of their breath is enough to make music. Keeping the complexity in mind, students age 8 and above can opt for this course.
  • Guitar Course: This is one of the most sought after instrument and every individual wants to learn how to strum some tunes. Acoustic music is infact much preferred by artists and listeners alike. These calming strings can be strummed by students from the age 6 and above.

They cater learning to each individual student and the teachers keep close contact with parents so that they can help to follow through with the learning in class. For the past decade, the school has been producing numerous students who passed their music exams with merits and distinctions and they are confident that there are more to come.

Initiatives by the Educators for Students Benefit

Teachers are known to be the guiding light for their students in every aspect. It is often said that the best teacher is the one who is able to teach a student to teach himself as early on in life as possible. This is beneficial for the child as it builds confidence in them and makes them feel empowered. They start taking initiatives towards learning more and independently improving in the nuances of their educational journey. Every year Fisherman Music School organizes a casual outdoor performance to showcase students’ musical skills that they have learned over the year. It is also a platform to promote peers’ learning. It adds as an inspiration to some as students listen to one another and find out the pieces that they would like to pick up. In this way, students own their learning. This can also be a way through which the students can go on to surpass their own levels of excellence even after they leave the comfort of school and the teachers. This speaks of how being empowered is always better than being continuously dependent on others, which is what is taught to the students at Fisherman Music School.

The educators are all diploma and degree holders who have multiple years of experience in teaching students of varied age groups. They are hence able to stay relatable to each group of students and efficient as well. The faculty members are immensely dedicated to sharing their knowledge in music to the children by utilizing every creative method possible. They work differently to make sure that students of all age groups find learning as interesting and fun. FMS not only teaches students music but also implements values necessary to sustain in life. The parents are constantly updated about their progress in the journey to gaining relevant skills.

The school’s aim for the future lies in introducing programs that are useful for special needs children. Fisherman Music School also organizes an in-house concert for students who are more mature and of higher grades. This group of students display strong musicality and develop their unique style of playing. Moving forward, Fisherman Music School wants to constantly seek for ways and avenues to expose their students to performances. Lastly, both directors hope to be able to “bring music to those who want to learn but are unable to” as they feel that “music is something that everyone should be able to enjoy.”

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