Five Apps for Tutoring Students with Special Needs amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 has disorganized the world system, and the education system isn’t far behind. Schools across countries have been shut down to prevent the spread of this virus among youth. However, to keep the students’ education on track, teachers and parents together are choosing to opt for online learning platforms. Though some students have comfortably adjusted to their new way of learning, most students especially, the ones with special needs are finding it difficult to adjust themselves to this new environment. It has become difficult for parents and teachers to tutor their pupils in these drastic times. However, few apps in the market will allow these students to learn and continue their education such as:

My PlayHome

My PlayHome is a dollhouse app that provides children a digital doll family of up to 15 people. These characters have different skin tones with which students can explore, play and share their stories. This app helps to increase his/her verbalization, provide a place for social and emotional learning and teach necessary early language skills.


Financed by donation, LetMeTalk app supports communication in all areas of life and therefore provides a voice for everyone. It is an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app, where images are lined up in a meaningful way that allows its users to read the row as a sentence. It has an unlimited creation of new categories and adding images.


An audio-book service that helps students who struggle to read while boosting their listening skills. The app possesses a comprehensive collection of stories and books irrespective of age. Its audio narrators have done a remarkable job of bringing stories from every genre to life.

Math Drills

Students tend to fall in love with this skill-based math drills app as they get the opportunity to compete against themselves to increase their speed and accuracy. The app contains features such as: basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also has some advanced features in the settings that allow teachers and students to create personalized environments, and track scores and test history.

The Anti-Coloring Book App

The app contains a suite of online books that use a page’s bottom space for a question and the child draws the answer. All the questions are open-ended with no right or wrong answers. This app has proven to promote a child’s critical thinking skills, foster creativity, and encourage risk-taking and problem-solving skills.

These are some of the apps from the plethora of the ones available on the app stores. These apps’ effectiveness will vary from students to students. Teachers and parents also need to keep in account that adjusting to these apps isn’t going to be easy. Initially, children will be much more frustrated but adapting a calm composure and being patient with them can help you to coach your young ones in the long run.

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