‘Games’ create a Profound Effect on Human Body and Soul

Games are the most interesting creation of human beings that has an entertaining, flexible, instructive, and competing flavor embedded into it. It is one of the most compelling, creative, and mindful expressions of human spirit which explores and tests people’s skills, efforts, and invites them to nurture innovative ways of managing many hurdles in their life. Games assist everyone to witness positive experience by strengthening one’s body and mind. Studies have revealed that many positive impacts a game can make into ones personality if playing out on a regular basis.

Impact of Video Games on Sharpening ‘Focus’

Focus is needed to achieve excellence. It is one of the most vital traits that everyone should possess. But unfortunately, most of the students lack the ability to concentrate while studying, attempting test, or doing any co-curricular activities. Without a sharp attention people often feel distracted and end-up achieving mediocre results despite having the aptitude to do far well. Interestingly, playing games can assist students to sharpen their concentration. According to one prominent research, it is revealed that 1 hour of gaming activity can boost the concentration ability to a significant level.

The study which was conducted at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu, more than 29 male students had participated. The researchers had made two groups out of the 29 students based on their experience in gaming. One group had two years of experience on playing video games and other had only six months of experience on the same. The experts tested both these groups on different parameters concerning the focus making capabilities. And what they found is that the “visual selective attention” of the most experienced group was ranked in the top seven percent and the least experienced players ranked in the bottom 11 percent. Visual selective attention is a popular technique which scientists use to check the brain abilities to ‘focus’ despite facing distraction.

This study has proved that significant usage of gaming can boost concentration and assist a student to control his/her thoughts, gain inner piece, improve your memory, and ultimately assist in work more efficiently.

Outdoor Games Boost Creativity, Health, and Social Network

Outdoor games are a great medium to relax our mind and calm our soul. People often play outdoor games to spend their leisure time but many do not know that, playing outdoor games can significantly augment one’s learning ability, develop creativity, improve overall health, and social skills.

Nothing is as important as a creative mind in today’s era of hypercompetitive world where each single mark can decide whether you can make it on the merit list or not. Outdoor play is an important medium of boosting creativity as it is quite different and unique from constraints and confinement of indoor play. It assists a student in developing imagination by stimulating objects around them and quickly taps into their creativity.

There are numerous health benefits one can reap by finding some extra time for playing an outdoor game. Games like football, volleyball, cricket, and badminton are very popular and assist a person to build strong bones and good fitness levels. Such outdoor games which constantly need some kind of movement enable the person to burn extra energy of calories and even assist to absorb vital vitamin D to boost fitness.

Any outdoor game usually remains less crowded than indoors and less intimidating as well which ultimately help students to come out of their shells and become more social. Outdoor games also enlighten students in understanding the importance of disciplines and team playing capability. Such games empower students to mix up with diverse people who share uncommon culture, religion, and linguistic fabric and assist them to understand each other better. Plying with such diverse population often help in creating robust relationship based on trust, love, and mutual respect and ultimately boosts the social network of any individual. Moreover, this outdoor learning encourages children to think of learning as an ongoing process instead of just something done in the classroom.

Although, everyone likes some or the other form of games but most does not play due to variety of reasons including time constraints, procrastination, and more without knowing its actual benefits. Outdoor and even indoor games can assist a person to boost memory, concentration, and more if played on a regular basis. Therefore, one must look towards games as a medium of empowerment than just a leisure activity.

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