A Global Survey Highlights Inadequacies in College Education
A_Global_Survey_Highlights_The_prevailing_concern_of_recruiters- The knowledge review

College education is an important career step for most people. However, a recent global survey highlighted some inadequacies in the current education system. The survey highlights that often colleges fall short of delivering ready-to-go graduates in most nations.

The survey also lists colleges that are in demand by recruiters. These unsurprisingly are Caltech, MIT, and Harvard among others. The survey also lists colleges from Germany, France, China and Japan which have risen in rankings from the past. Surprisingly, Oxford has slipped in ranking according to recruiters. This could be a concern for UK as recruiters and foreign students reportedly find the college less appealing after Brexit.

The main highlights of the survey were the measured responses of recruiters which offer an insight into the minds of recruiters. Recruiters were asked to determine the most important factors which influenced their decision to choose a certain college for recruiting. Reputation, expertise, quality of teaching, digital competency, research facilities and number of ready-to-go graduates were on top of their list.

The survey highlighted certain dissatisfaction on part of the recruiters with current graduates. While 80% of the recruiters felt that ready-to-go graduates are really important for them to visit a college, slightly above 60% felt that their demands were met by their respective nation.

It is debatable whether universities should only churn out graduates like a mill. However, it is important for educators to probe whether they are aware of the expectations of the outside world. The business world is constantly evolving with technology and it is important for colleges to keep up with innovative measures.

The survey was conducted by a French HR company, ‘Emerging’. The survey was conducted in 22 countries and probed 2,500 management-level recruiters and 3,500 managing directors.


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