Go8 Universities Strengthen Research and Education Links with India
Research and Education

During this week’s trip to India, headed by Education Minister Jason Clare, the Group of Eight (Go8) will underscore the importance of Australia-India research collaboration and its dedication to producing high calibre graduates who are prepared for the workforce.

According to Go8 Chief Executive Vicki Thomson, Australia’s research-intensive universities have built strong research and educational ties with India over many years, and the two countries’ desire to forge a closer alliance presents exciting prospects for the country’s higher education system.

“The Go8 universities are pleased with their expanding and long-standing relationship with India. It is predicated on cooperation and excellence. Our top-notch universities are firmly committed to improving our research collaboration, collaborating with our partners to develop future labour markets, and making sure that innovation and research benefit both of our countries.” The world produces the best research, and India is an important strategic and commercial partner for Australia. We can only hope to find answers to global problems by working with the finest and brightest in nations that share our values. Our combined research efforts in fields as varied as astronomy, marine sciences, and agriculture have already produced significant results that have raised people’s quality of life in Australia and India.

The Go8 will participate in the Australia-India Education and Skills Council conference, which will emphasize the importance of education, research, and skills as the cornerstones of the bilateral relationship between Australia and India. In addition, important corporate and industry partners and Indian Education Minister Pradhan will meet with Go8 representatives.

“Our universities are committed to educating the high-quality skilled graduates India needs and deepening our research partnerships, particularly in areas such as AI and cyber security where India excels,” said Ms. Thomson.

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