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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

The prominent colleges and universities of the US are offering excellent educational and career development opportunities to the students. They are introducing innovative curriculum and excellent educational and infrastructural facilities. These colleges and universities are focused on transforming the students into leaders and decision makers of tomorrow.

One such leading university, which is taking education and innovation to the next level is none other than Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU). As the first non-profit private STEM-focused university founded in more than 100 years in Pennsylvania, HU was established in 2001. It aimed to address the need of Pennsylvania’s Capital Region for increased educational opportunities in applied science and technology-related fields. Harrisburg University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the STEM -Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. The university’s educational programs are built in response to market needs, and 92% of the students build family sustaining careers in their fields or become accepted to graduate school within six months of graduation. HU was named the #1 STEM university in the US by Corporate LiveWire in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Between HU’s Harrisburg campus, Philadelphia location, the recently opened Panama location, and online platform, the university enrolls 6,469 undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students.

This year, HU established a location at the City of Knowledge in Panama City, Panama. Here, it is offering graduate degrees in analytics, project management, and data science. This strategic association has immense potential for the development of the region and is the beginning of a fruitful relationship. This relationship is based on the firm belief of both institutions in the empowerment of people so that, through knowledge, they positively impact their lives, environments, and the world.

The HU-Panama location will also offer cutting edge professional development seminars and courses, as well as seek research collaboration opportunities with universities and other innovative entities in the region.

Panama’s City of Knowledge is a center of education, research, and development. The site offers Latin American students the same cutting-edge technology, faculty, and resources available at the university’s main campus in Harrisburg.

Educational and Infrastructural Superiority

The Harrisburg University campus delivers high-tech facilities and equipment not found on most campuses. It is also situated near the region’s top employers. HU also is home to several research centers and institutes, addressing a broad range of interests, issues, and industries. These centers provide experiential opportunities for students, serve as a bridge to businesses and organizations, and drive economic development.

HU also holds numerous summer camps that introduce students to the STEM fields. Summer camp programs include opportunities for high school students to engage in certification, internship, and exploration programs in various STEM fields. High school students can participate in programs with topics such as video design, raspberry pi exploration, interactive design and branding, STEM training with virtual reality, video production, aquaponics, and more.

The Phenomenal Forerunner

Under the leadership of University President Dr. Eric Darr, HU has expanded to Philadelphia and Panama. It has grown its enrollment to nearly 6,500 students hailing from more than 102 countries. Dr. Eric Darr’s appointment as president marked a turning point in the history of the university, which has also launched new graduate and undergraduate programs, attracted scholarship support, and opened new housing facilities for students. As president, he ushered in Esports as the university’s only varsity sport. His leadership has spurred economic development throughout the area. Whether it is through the outstanding curriculum or Esports tournaments like the HUE invitational, which is the largest collegiate sports tournament in the U.S., HU President Dr. Eric Darr’s leadership has brought about a new era of prosperity at Harrisburg University. Dr. Darr is also overseeing the construction of the university’s more than $100 million Health Science Education Center, which will stand 17 stories high and house at least an additional 1,000 students.  

The Accomplishment Saga

Harrsiburg University has made many memorable achievements throughout its celebrated tenure. For the past three consecutive years, it has been named U.S. STEM University of the Year by Corporate LiveWire Magazine. The university is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It educates students hailing from 102 countries.

100% of accepted full-time undergraduate students receive a scholarship from HU. The undergraduate student body consists of 34% female and 62% minority members. The graduate student body has 47% women members.

91% of the university’s graduates who responded to a survey reported they were employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. HU’s Esports team, Harrisburg University Storm, has won the ‘Best Collegiate Esports Program’ honour at the Tempest Awards gala for the last two consecutive years. It is an annual program that honours the Esports industry’s most innovative companies and executives.

Harrisburg University is one of the first schools to create a varsity Esports team, offering full-tuition scholarships to its players. The Storm has also won two consecutive Collegiate Overwatch National Championships since its inception in 2018.

Preparing Students for a Bright Future

HU houses a 16-storey state-of-the-art academic tower in downtown Harrisburg. The education center is only a few blocks away from the Capitol building and is at an ideal distance from popular employers. The university also has plenty of research centers dedicated to a variety of interests, issues, and industries which give students the space to experiment, while also serves as a bridge to businesses.

The low student-to-faculty ratio is one of the biggest advantages for HU students, as it allows them to involve their mentors in discussions and interactions. The professors are dedicated individuals who ensure that full attention is given to their students and all their doubts or queries are addressed. Various other resources ensure that every youngster is ready to venture out into the professional world. An online tutoring service called Smart Thinking is a complementary tool that every student of HU can use to take part in one-on-one tutorials with an experienced academician.

Stepping Ahead

HU’s STEM-focused curriculum establishes the foundation for a student experience unlike any other private university. Guided by faculty who are respected leaders in their fields, the university’s students transform the classroom education into careers that make a difference in the world.

“When you enroll, you become part of a diverse, vibrant community, in which school and city are partners in the pursuit of excellence for our students,” expresses the management. Students from around the globe come to HU to broaden their knowledge, expand their horizons, explore the unknown, nurture their ideas, and grow into leaders.

Marching forward, Harrisburg University will continue to provide the very best in STEM higher education while growing and adding new programs, facilities, and opportunities for students, and economic development for the city of Harrisburg, the region, and beyond. It has recently opened an institution in Panama. Additionally, with the addition of new undergraduate and graduate programs, strategic partnerships, and the $100 million Health Science Education Center that it is building downtown, Harrisburg University will continue in its role as the leader in STEM higher education.

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